Chester County Eagles close out Riverside game with a win; fall to South Side

A Panther basketball player falls and hits the court floor after committing a blocking foul. Chad Barham got the “And one” shot and the free throw for the extra point as well. Photo by Kendall Patterson

By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

The Chester County Eagles put on an entertaining game for their fans on Tuesday, Jan. 19.
They kept themselves in the lead the majority of the first half, but the Riverside Panthers managed to tie it at 24 with 1:37 left in the half. Then, Riverside scored an additional two points which allowed them to go into halftime with the lead 26-24. The Panthers started to spread their lead some in the third, but the Eagles did not allow them to do it for long.
By the end of the third, Chester Co. was winning 45-37.
With 1:09 left and the Eagles only up 55-49, it kept fans on both sides on edge since there was still time for anything to happen, but the Eagles scored 9 more points before it ended giving them the win.
The final was 64-53.
Feats in the game include Dalton Colbert throwing up an alley for Evan Eads to dunk. Though it was missed, it was still a great moment for Eagles fans to enjoy.
The Eagles could not keep up with South Side for long though Friday night. The Eagles made it a competitive first quarter that ended with the Eagles and Hawks tied at 15, but it went down hill for Chester County after that.
The Eagles lost 70-47.
Eagles Head Coach Collin McPherson saw improvement in his guys since the last time they played the Hawks. He said the Hawks are just more experienced.
McPherson now looks ahead with two more weeks of regular season left. He has his mind set on his team to play good ball for the rest of the season so that they can be ready once postseason comes.

Dalton Colbert goes down the court in the Eagles vs Hawks matchup Friday night. Photo by Kendall Patterson