News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“We can never fully know the people we love. When we lose them, there will always be more we could have seen.” – Emily Henry

Our community expresses sympathy to five families — Skippy E. Rowland (8-28-50 to 1-22-21), served in TNANG. He was the son of the late Burl and Zola Mae Rowland – Shackelford of Bolivar in charge with burial at Palestine; Spencer Layfette Goodwin (3-2-1921 to 1-21-2021), served in the United States Navy. He was born in Cabo, graduated in 1939 in Missouri and returned to Chester County in 1976. He was buried in Cabo almost at age 100; Heather Nicole Mullins (7-12-86 to 1-19-21) was a 2014 graduate of LPN School. Her services were at First Baptist; Edwin Keith Whitman (9-24-54 to 1-17-21) Shackelford of Selmer in charge – Little Hatchie; and Patricia Ann Davaul Harville (8-23-50 to 1-6-21) was a close friend and coworker with LaVon Jones. She was a very interesting person. I can still hear her sing, “Amazing Grace.”
Also, Henry Louis “Hammer” or Hank Aaron (2-5-34 to 1-22-21) was the man to break Babe Ruth’s record in baseball. He received the 2002 Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush; Larry King (11-19-33 to 1-23-21) was a radio and TV host. Two of his children died within weeks of each other in later years, Chaia at age 52 and Andy at 65; Jimmie Rodgers (9-18-33 to 1-18-21) singer of “Honey Comb” and “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” was a song writer, too.
Prayers requested for Anita Rhodes Ross, Teressa Plunk at Spire; Cheryl Thrasher Ruddy, my cousin, is going home after serious surgery; and continue prayers for Willis Hudson and Tommy and Janice Paterson. Thinking of bereaved from 2020 and 2021.
Thinking tenderly of Doris, Danny, Damon, Vickie, Patsy and Frankie Ross as Terry Ray Ross (2-1-36 to 9-19-21) celebrates his 85th birthday in heaven. Also, Don’s parents, Travis and Robbie O’Neal Jones, are celebrating their 75th anniversary on Jan. 28.
Also, Holden Malone turned one on Jan. 28. His astronaut suit carried him on a trip around the sun and galaxy. The white cake with blue icing turned him into an “Out of the World” Smurf, but how fun to smash your face into your cake and pose for photos with blue designs. Regina Brooks, great-grandmother, and grandmother Tootsie and others enjoyed the trip, too.
Two more birthdays — Fran Bailey had a 50s party 10 years ago when she turned 70 on Jan. 27. Friends came from near and far to be a part of the fun, including Dusty Rose. Ten years later, the virus is holding the group back until we can celebrate her 80th birthday. Also, Delores Perkins is celebrating her 81st birthday on Jan. 29. Maybe she will get a surprise meal and gift.
Mary Hemby from Lexington lives with her daughter, Betty (Jerry) Newman, in Pinson. Mary’s friend, Lucille Hamilton (deceased) had Betty select a top she had put together to be quilted. Unity Quilting Ladies, Jane Bailey Morris and Jean Williams Tignor put their busy fingers to work. The quilt was finished Jan. 25. Betty and I went to Unity to get the treasure and take photos. How do you really thank someone for ALL those hours of handwork? Perhaps I’ll win a lottery and share generously with them!
I hope you are enjoying the “On the Wings of a Dove.” Vickie Ellis and Dot Patterson, thank you for the kind words in the paper. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but it is a labor of love.
I keep a yearly dated spiral notebook with all the news, deaths, births, tidbit, birthdays and anniversaries called in to me. I do not keep a birthday and anniversary list and etc. Next, I type this material called Jacks Creek News on the computer to send to Taylor at the Independent. I save my copy in the computer. Finally, I type into the computer on another formal deaths which includes name, birth and death called “On the Wings of a Dove,” but my record shows additional information – date of newspaper and cemetery. It is repeating these names, but I think it helps my 70 year old brain.
Regina Brooks and Lois Smith saved their “On the Wings of a Dove” copy for me to share with out of town folks who love to keep up with the obituary list. If you do not see or hear from these folks, you do not know if they are still here or gone.
Are you enjoying the “Pet Calendar”? I love it. This idea earned money for Loving Paws, Funny Farm and Henderson Pound. I hope this needed money will help these rescues during this virus that has hit them hard, and expenses continue. All procedures are costly. Buy calendars for Valentine gifts for a friend or relative. It is a simple donation. I hope we do this each year for the rescues and forsaken dogs.
Animal tidbits: a male penguin offers a pebble to a female penguin. If she takes it, they become partners (guess that a rock solid relationship); polar bears touch noses as a greeting; hippopotamus yawn when a threat is near; jellyfish are 95 percent water; frogs leap out of water to catch a meal; and records show animals save human lives. Dogs are known as man’s best friend. President Biden brought Champ and Major (a rescue) to the White House.

2021 SOMEONE CARES: The house was on fire. Parents made it out and, all the children except the youngest. Firemen found a little child and his FAITHFUL dog hugged together and deceased. Pass it on….