News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

According to’s Grammar Gripes 2015 study conducted via Harris Poll, “When given a list of commonly misspelled standalone words, almost four in ten Americans (38 percent) say they are most bothered by the misspelling of February.” (, 2015).
We have several upcoming February birthdays in Silerton. Leo Lambert’s birthday is on Feb. 5. Joseph Lambert has a birthday on Feb. 17. Bryan Banks will celebrate a birthday on Feb. 26, and Tammy Foote will celebrate hers on Feb. 27. Glenn Stack and Walter Cooper also have February birthdays.
Willard and Linda Beshires took a day trip to the Mount Zion Cemetery in Obion County Tennessee. Linda’s maternal grandparents are buried there. When describing where the cemetery is Willard chuckled and said, “This is near Elbridge, Tennessee, which is a lot like Silerton. In other words, you have to want to go there.”
When asked about town news, Mayor Beshires said, “There are several ongoing projects for the city which we hope to finish as soon as we get some decent weather.”