News from Chester County Junior High School

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By: Carlie Brewer, Tessa Moore
and Hudson Lewis

What a year it has been at Chester County Junior High School so far! Let’s see what is going on!
In the sixth Grade, ELA students will be focusing on the book, Bud Not Buddy, and a “Commencement Speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford University.” Then they will compare these two and show how they relate between love and loss. Now, let’s move on to History. In History students will be taking a look at Ancient China and their religions as well as their achievements. The students will also learn vocabulary about China and will put their knowledge to the test on Friday, Jan. 15. In math students will be working day by day on Rational Numbers at their own pace and will have a cool down at the end of each lesson. In science students will be working on a project in the Summit Platform called My Ecosystem. This will allow them to pick a Biome of their choice and do research to explain about their Biome. 
This week in seventh grade math, we are finishing up our unit about scale drawings. In science we are taking notes on advanced mitosis and meiosis. In ELA we are ending our project about the book, Lyddie, with an essay, and finally in Social Studies, we are going over our maps and learning about the Middle Ages and the Age of Exploration.
In P.E. students will be taking the First Pacer Test, which includes Push Up/Sit Up Test and Mile Run. Volleyball tryouts for the ladies were Tuesday, Jan. 12, and Wednesday, Jan. 13.
January at the Junior High is National Mentoring Month! A mentor can be anyone that has or is helping you in a bad time. My mentor is Mrs. Crouse. She has helped me through so many things. She has been a big help to me, but there are also many other people that have been there for me in the past and the present. And it is also important to thank them for all that they have done for you because every mentor is important. 
That’s all for CCJHS news. Have a great week.