Freed-Hardeman University’s 86th Annual Bible Lectureship goes virtual


The 86th Annual Bible Lectureship at Freed-Hardeman University, Feb. 7-11, 2021, has been re-envisioned in order to continue offering spiritual enrichment—just not in person. Instead of thousands of visitors in Henderson, Lectureship guests will watch from their homes or offices via live streaming.
“The 2021 lectureship was not cancelled,” Burleson noted. “We simply recreated its format with the desire to serve the church, connect with our lectureship friends, and continue to love our neighbor, as we protected the campus community and our guests.”
The theme for the virtual lectureship is, “Encountering Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World.” Thirteen speakers have recorded presentations, which will be streamed throughout the week. In addition, the lessons have been printed in book format and are suitable for Bible class study.
The 215-page book may be ordered at for $10. Congregations and individuals are encouraged to buy the book and use it for group or personal study. The digitally recorded lectures will remain online (at, so they may be watched in combination with studying the book.
Topics and speakers in order of presentation are: “Encountering Disorder: Meaning in Change,” Dr. Justin Rogers; “Encountering Pleasure: Meaning in the Process,” Dan Winkler; “Encountering Time: Meaning in the Moment,” Dr. Mark Blackwelder; “Encountering Labor: Meaning in Rest,” Dr. Ralph Gilmore; “Encountering Reputation: Meaning in Opportunity,” Jeff Jenkins; “Encountering God: Meaning in Reverence,” Hiram Kemp; “Encountering Success: Meaning in Accomplishment,” Dr. Billy Smith; “Encountering Wisdom: Meaning in Learning,” Dr. Doug Burleson; “Encountering Injustice: Meaning in Civil Disobedience,” Kenneth (K. J.) Moore; “Encountering Wealth: Meaning in What You Have,” Dr. David Powell; “Encountering Uncertainty: Meaning in the Unpredictable,” Dr. Jim Gardner; “Encountering Youth: Meaning in the Present,” Dr. Matt Cook; and “Encountering Life: Meaning in Accountability,” Dr. Rick Brumback.
In addition, a series of lessons designed especially for women will focus on the theme, “Living in the Everyday with the Ever After in Mind.” Pre-recorded lessons streamed Monday-Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Speakers include FHU First Lady Tracie Shannon, Kristi Burleson, Aleshia Sokoloski and Cathy Powell. Four lessons will be taught live and live-streamed from Loyd Auditorium at 12:30 each afternoon. Hannah Young, CeCe Spencer, Jamie Boyd and Drs. Karen and Sharen Cypress will teach these classes.
A complete schedule of Lectureship lessons is available at
The program originally planned for February 2021, “He Went About Doing Good: The Compassion of Christ in Luke,” is now scheduled for 2022. “We are continuing to prayerfully prepare for that lectureship even now,” Burleson said.