News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“When you miss your loved one, remember the beautiful moments you’ve had with them. And when your heart swells, cuddle your pillow and let your tears soothe the pain.” — Anoir Ou-Chad

Sympathy is expressed to 11 families – Tyson DeRoss Walker (4-21-01 to 1-23-21), a 2019 Chester County High School graduate. He was the son of Roma and grandson of Kenneth and Bonita Croom; Gerene Underwood Bethel (4-7-39 to 1-24-21) – Melugin in Compton, Ill.; Coy Daniel “Dan” Climer (9-24-39 to 1-26-21) came from a close loving peaceful family of 10 kids – five sisters, Hazel Ryan, Mamie Essary, Martha Climer, Elizabeth Mooney and Dean Hart, and four brothers – Paul, Clifford, Ernest and Joe. Dan subscribed to Chester County Independent. He was hungry for word about home near Jones Hill area and anything about his family and pals. Mamie Dell Essary, crying, asked for prayers for Dan when he had a stroke. It kept him in North Carolina away from family. He told his family it made him feel better to read tidbits in community writings. Terry Ray Ross and Dan were food friends, and they both served in the TNARNG. I love picturing them together again with no pain or sorrow – McKenzie; Nancy Jean Cothren Hopper (9-6-54 to 1-26-21), the sister of a high school classmate, Pat Burkhead. Both girls were fun and dedicated to their mother, Mrs. Irene, at healthcare. Nancy’s husband, Roger, loyally helped Nancy while she used a wheelchair, until his death 3-8-17. She and her mother were in the same room for a while. Her two sons are Shane and Blake. Blake would entertain residents with his fiddle – Montezuma; Billie Bishop (7-10-30 to 1-26-21), husband of sweet Ethel who worked with me at junior high. Billie had a grocery store/café on the corner of Mifflin and Main that is now an optometry office – Henderson City; Pauline Kinchen Lott (1-11-28 to 1-27-21) married Carl in 1946 – Henderson City; Darla Marie Gaugh, pronounced Goff, (8-4-61 to 1-29-21) — New Friendship; Billy Joe Barker (3-31-34 to 1-30-21), served in the TNARNG, collected antiques, played senior games and loved having conversations. He was close to all siblings, Wilma Frye and Royce Barker. Cecil and Travis are deceased. He loved his sweet girls, Lisa Thomas, Vickie Broadwell and Susan Barker (deceased) – Cabo; Montez Rozzell Grant (5-18-26 to 1-31-21); Thomas Dale Rodgers (3-22-48 to 1-31-21); and Janet Ann Johnson H. Scott (10-17-53 to 1-31-21), a 1971 CCHS graduate, sister of Danny Johnson of Enville and mother of Shane Harville and Shannon Harville (deceased). Her husband is Jerry Scott from Lexington. I remember Shane bringing me an extra huge red delicious apple. I placed it on the safe top shelf in the cafeteria line, so all the kids could see it compared to a normal apple. Did his mother buy that apple? – Woodlawn Cemetery in Enville with Lexington in charge.
Prayers are requested for Kevin Johnson (Jeanette and Billy); Dean Hart; Harville-Johnson Families; Anita Ross; Teressa Plunk; Johnny Hays; Doris Maness; Cousin Cheryl Ruddy; the bereaved and all those in the February list in “On the Wings of a Dove.” The first of every event or special occasion hurts.
I made three calls Monday night, thinking about Uncle Terry Ray Ross, and Wednesday, I will make more calls. We need to lift one another. I have to make “soup for the soul” to help shut-ins. Old age and grunts slow us, but keep on trying. Let us do kindnesses each week. Sharon Boothe does lots of kindnesses. She left me two books to read and shares beautiful tops that she washes first.
Thinking about Imogene and Candy Fitts; Regina East; Louise Smith, former hairdresser; Sherrill and Sheila Ryals; Andy Maness; Cheryl Ruddy; Melbern Jones and Dub and Nancy Rush.
Also, I think of animals – can only pray responsible pet owners are furnishing decent homes and a covered run space (who wants to stay in a house all day), nourishing food and fresh water changed often due to freezing. I heat food for my pets. They got scrambled eggs this morning with a little kibble. Consider buying a pet heating pad at R&J. Our furry family gets cold. Every animal needs a wind shelter. Stick your head out and see if you need cover. Wind whips up those coat-tails. What about you? Do you wear long johns? Be kind to all of God’s creations.
Tidbits: Jim Ruth remembers a snow in Morrice, Mich., in 1976. He is six feet, three inches. Snow was at his shoulders as he stretched his arms out to lay even with the snow. His delivery van, two cars and a 90 foot long green-house were covered. Greenhouse fell due to pressure (no more greenhouse grown plants). Positive side – he could have made LOTS of snow cream and not worry about the yellow spots! Right, Mary Randolph Curtist? She loves snow cream.
February tidbits: (2-3-59) Rock singers – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Big Bopper died in a plane crash; (2-6-35) board game, Monopoly went on sale; (2-6-71) Astronaut Alan Shepard hit three golf balls on the moon; (2-7-64), Singing group, Beatles come to the U.S.A.
Animal tidbits: Dutch police are training Eagles “to take drones down”; an octopus lays 100,000 eggs. She gathers floating eggs and strings them close together. It takes over a month. She puts so much energy in egg-caring she usually dies after the eggs hatch. Did you know an octopus can recognize human faces? If the tester is nice to them, they will swim to the side of the aquarium and reach its tentacles to the surface for human touch. If the tester puts on a scary mask, the octopus runs to the far corner.

2021 SOMEONE CARES: Peanut, an abused adopted dog, goes from being a rescue to being a rescuer. His frantic barks alerted owner to an abused three-year old girl near death in freezing weather. First responders smiled at her first words, “Good Doggie.” Pass it on….