News from Chester County High School


By: Riley Haltom

After what has felt like the longest month since the end of quarantine, Governor Bill Lee’s order to restrict spectators at high school athletic events is over. Executive Order 70, put in place on December 20, 2020, was put into effect to combat the rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases in Tennessee. Originally, the order was set to end on January 19, 2021. However, he extended the restrictions due to the high case numbers still present in Tennessee. However, on Friday, he announced that spectators would once again be allowed into high school sporting events in light of falling case numbers. The order officially lifted on Monday, February 1.
However, for Chester County, this originally meant only one game would be left to play at home with fans. Due to a positive COVID test on the team, they had to postpone two games, an away game at Scotts Hill, set to be played on Thursday, and a home game against McNairy, now set for February 11. As a result, the team now has two home games left to be played with fans present. On Friday, Chester County takes on one of its biggest rivals, the Lexington Tigers. On February 11, they meet the McNairy Bobcats, the second of their two biggest rivals. The last two home games of the season are slated to be some of the most exciting games of the season, with both the boys and girls getting hot at the perfect time. Districts are coming soon, so these last few games are imperative for the boys and girls to win in order to improve their chances of winning districts. Regardless of the outcome, both teams have had impressive seasons given the circumstances they have had to play in.
Also happening at Chester County, the Student Health Council is participating in the #LoveLocal campaign by making several hearts to be spread among local businesses. The Health Council is also planning to promote heart health in the elementary schools. Health Occupation Students of America is preparing for students to enter regional competitions. The Track team held its first round of tryouts and has a few more to go. Soccer is also preparing to begin their season. Baseball is primed for a learning season, due to a large turnover of seniors leaving. Softball is preparing for their next season as well.