News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

It was a great week to be at East Chester Elementary School! We had so many exciting things going on! 
In kindergarten the students are growing and learning so much! To celebrate the 100th day of school, the students used their detective skills to find the missing hundred. That sounds like so much fun! The students also learned how to decompose teen numbers. For Groundhogs Day, the students learned about hibernation. 
In first grade the students learned about so many fascinating things. The students read about Amon-Ra, approaching the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The students also read about communication then and now and Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll. In math the students learned about subtracting by using true or false equations, making true equations word problems with three addends and adding three numbers. 
In second grade the students worked hard! The students finished up their unit on forces and motion and geared up to read about people who were changers during the Civil Rights Movement. The students learned about the War of 1812 and are getting ready to learn about the Westward Expansion. In math the students learned about using place value to add three digit numbers. 
In third grade the students are excited about all of the things they are learning. The third graders learned about force and motion. Last week, the students studied about magnetism as a force. In math the students worked on fractions! The students generated equivalent fractions and learning how to compare fractions. In reading class the students read about Colonial America, the Pilgrims and the Quakers.
At East Chester, Valentine’s Day is coming early! We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Feb. 11. Students will be allowed to bring in valentines and snack treats for classmates, but all must be individually wrapped. No homemade treats will be allowed. All items must be brought in by Monday, Feb. 8.
We are so very proud of our Diane Johnson, who has been named our District Level Teacher of the Year for K-4! Congratulations to Ms. Diane!