News from Jacks Creek Elementary School


By: Becky Hartle

We had a great week at Jacks Creek Elementary School as we celebrated over 100 days of school!
Kindergarten had a great week of learning. We worked on blends, sentence writing, counting to 100 by 1s and 10s and adding fluently. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Domino’s pizza fundraiser. Virtual parent/teacher conferences are coming up next week on Feb. 11. There will be no school on Friday, Feb. 12 or Monday, Feb. 15. We are not able this year to allow students to bring Valentine’s treat bags and cards. Teachers are planning fun activities, crafts, etc., for students to participate in at school. 
First graders enjoyed their study of the earth. They learned that the earth is made up of layers and that the center of the earth is as hot as the sun and is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They also enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school. They did this by writing about how they would be if they were 100 years old. They also brought 100 objects from home and did fun activities with their objects during math time.
In second grade we began learning about important American people who fought for a cause. Some of the people we learned about are Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson. We continued to practice our reading skills by reading stories from “The Job Hunt.” We began to learn different strategies for subtracting 3-digit addends in math. We learned about energy in physical science. We also had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school on Jan. 26. 
Third grade finished up data in math and began working with fractions next week. Aside from multiplication, fractions are a big part of our math standards. In ELA, we continued to learn more about the history of the U.S. through the colonial period as we practice reading strategies. In science, students learned about the water cycle and how we get our water on earth. We also learned about weather and the basic clouds. After distinguishing between weather and climate, our attention will turn to magnets and how they work. The kiddos are doing great, working hard and growing daily! Let us keep their enthusiasm for learning going!
Our Farmer of the Week goes to Cain Verduzco, whose favorite book is Dogman and whose favorite food is chicken tostadas. We are proud to have this student shine brightly at our school! Our Staff Farmer of the Week goes to the sweet Ms. Dorothy Daniel. Her favorite book is the Bible, and her favorite foods are shrimp and steak! We appreciate all that she does as one of our interventionists.
Since it is winter, remember to label your child’s winter clothing items (jackets, coats, hats, etc.). We already have several jackets hanging on our lost and found rack. The Chester County School System is now recognized as a critical infrastructure. This policy now requires students third grade and above to wear masks.
It is important that we are able to contact you or a family member if your child is sick, injured, etc., or school is dismissed for inclement weather or other unexpected reasons. A pink Student Information Form has been sent home with all students for a parent/guardian to complete and return by Thursday. We need ALL students to return this pink form. District and school information is often shared through phone calls and/or Remind text messages. Therefore, please continue to keep this information up-to-date by contacting the school when changes are made. JOIN REMIND Messaging by texting the code below to 81010: @ccsdjces (Jack’s Creek Elementary) AND @ccsdist (Chester Co. School District)
Box Tops for Education: Box Tops are a super easy way to earn money for our school. Clip Box Tops or download the Box Tops for Education app. Scan your receipts to earn free money for our school! It is that easy!
Looking Ahead:
Jan. 27-Feb. 10 – Yearbook Sales ($15 each)
Feb. 11 -Parent/Teacher Conference (5-8 p.m.)
Feb. 12 and 15 – NO SCHOOL