Henderson Regions Bank branch to close


Regions Senior Vice President – Media and Public Relations Manager, Jeremy King, released on Feb. 9 that the Henderson Regions branch will close Friday, May 21 at 2 p.m. and merge into Regions’ South Side Jackson branch at 1666 South Highland Avenue. He stated that their local teams will work with customers on an individual basis to address any questions.
Regions’ services will remain available anytime at Regions.com and through the Regions Mobile App.
For customers that rent a deposit box, Regions asks that they visit the Henderson branch by Monday, Feb. 7, with both keys, to remove the contents of the box. One may transfer the items to the South Side Jackson Branch or any Regions bank that is convenient.
If contents are not moved by May 7, Regions Bank will terminate the box lease, drill the lock open, and transfer any remaining contents to Regions Bank – Lower Lobby, 1900 Fifth Avenue North, Birmingham, Ala.35203.
If, after the required state dormancy period, the contents, of the box remain unclaimed, Regions will initiate unclaimed property procedures to return the property you own.
Another branch closing in West Tennessee is the Camden branch which will be merging with the Waverly branch at 201 Waverly Plaza.