News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Grief and love are conjoined. You don’t get one without the other.” – Jandy Nelso

Our community expresses sympathy to these families – Anthony Cupples (incomplete); Martha Freeman Kelly (incomplete); Floyd Allen Wamble (11-2-44 to 2-2-21) from Chester County High School Class of 1962 and beloved husband of Sharon Jones – Old Friendship; Georgia Dianne Burkeen Durrance (5-17-49 to 2-2-21) from CCHS Class of 1967 and wife of Vann (deceased) – Memorial Feb. 27; Ronnie Howell Crowe (5-12-55 to 2-2-12) moved to Henderson. His mother, Noretta White Crowe from Lexington, sons are Garrett, Joseph and Kevin and step-daughters are Candace and Yolanda – no services; Peggy Ann Gouge Ingraham (4-17-37 to 2-7-21) – Henderson City; Linda Gail Rogers Robbins (8-3-42 to 2-1-21), daughter of Otis and Ida Rogers in the Mifflin community, wife of Harold, mother of David and Dennis, grandmother of Ashlinn and Kayla and sister of Jerry and Danny (deceased) Rogers. Linda graduated from CCHS in 1960 and received a Bachelor’s Degree from Union in Math for a 40 plus year career in Alamo City and Crockett County; Margaret Frances Roland Ada (8-16-23 to2-5-21) wife of Junior, mother of Tommy (Donette), Carolyn Griffin, Jerry (deceased) and daughter-in-law, Brenda Meek Ada – Cave Springs.
Frances loved all flowers. She worked hard in her garden and preferred the great outdoors. Her granddaughter, Tammy, followed in her grandmother’s footsteps. I took a great picture of the real Frances walking after working in her flower beds with her tired used hoe (buried with hoe and in her 50th anniversary pink dress at her request).
Frances enjoyed attending monthly Jacks Creek Community Club dinner meetings. The “Girls,” Frances and Lois Smith, were escorted by Regina and Mike Brooks. We looked forward to Frances’s broccoli cornbread. If a square was left, she would share with someone to take home. She was such a southern lady with a lovely smile reaching her eyes. She loved and was loved. Her daughter, Carolyn, with tears in her eyes said her mother was the best! Tommy made sure the hoe was placed with his mother.
It was fun to carry her favorite treat – Frosty from Wendy’s. I got the hint from Regina how much Frances loved that Frosty in a cup. Small acts of kindness gives everyone a lift or lick.
Regina Brooks styled Frances hair each week. She had the last honor of styling Frances’s hair, softly and tenderly. Tammy would spend time all week cleaning, cooking, working the flowers and pampering MaMaw. Amy had the weekends. Tammy carried Frances to Country Curls, and Regina would carry her back home. Regina was a daughter to Frances. Once, I was lucky to get her into my car for the short trip home. We went for ice cream! I asked who was driving; she laughed – I drove!
Frances said she had great neighbors, Jerry and Karen Ross. Karen read Chester County Independent to Frances. They kept an eye on her place. Frances called Jerry her hero. She had fallen and could not get up, so she was in the yard for a while. When Jerry came in from work, Jerry saw a movement from the corner of his eye. He ran to help his dear neighbor. Karen came to the funeral to be a part of the family – Jerry and Karen are loved. The home place will never be the same in their eyes. Tommy and Carolyn are orphans. Remember them in prayer plus her beloved eight grandkids, 21 great-grandkids and 14 great-great-grandkids.
Brother Geary said that Mrs. Frances is with her heavenly family and that we will see her again. I do not know the oldest member of Unity Church, Mae Goodwin, Murdell Barker or Frances Ada. I just know they are good women and two are angels above us! Blessings….
January 2021 brought 27 obits – many broken hearts and sad eyes. Send cards or call those in Febrauary in the “On the Wings of a Dove.”
Vickie Ellis’s Farmer Almanac quotes were enjoyable. She influenced me to share. I heard the “S” word, so this suits the weather.
Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer when they complained about the heat. Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail. Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. Snowmen fall from heaven…unassembled. When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels. The snow is sparkling like a million little suns. There is one good thing about snow – it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s. Hope Moe knows if it will snow! I love Moe. I love snow.
Don has framed the den window with red lights. This year we want to dedicate this heart of love to those lost with the C-Virus in Chester County. Help keep the virus from spreading by wearing a good clean mask over mouth and nose. Order Young Living “Thieves” germ killer spray from me.
To Don – I love that you’re the last person I want to kiss before I go to sleep at night. Hint: Valentine’s Day is Sunday!
Happy Birthday to Imogene Fitts on Feb. 14; Cousin Andy Maness was born 2-12-30; he’s proud of his age and thankful. He misses Doris in physical therapy in Jackson. He gave her red roses, so that helps heal her spirit. We also hope Johnny Hays will be home soon. His cat Callie misses him. Also, my dear school friend Billy Dickson is celebrating his 70th birthday in heaven on Feb. 16. God bless his wife, Vickie, and his family. Our friend Linda Lott Boothe celebrated her 70th birthday in heaven on Feb. 7.
Six important dates for Black History — (2-1-1960) The Greensboro Four; (2-4-1913) Rosa Park born; (2-9-1995) Bernard Harris, Jr. first African American to walk in space; (2-19-1992) “Boyz N The Hood” director, John Singleton first black director nominated for an Academy Award; (2-25-1870) Hiram Rhodes Revels sworn in first black American senator, first black congressman and first President of Alcorn University in Mississippi; and (2-27-1988) Debi Thomas first African American to win winter Olympics medal.

2021 SOMEONE CARES – instead of treating their neglected dog’s eyes for infection, they had Louie’s eyes removed and didn’t want the responsibility anymore. A blind veteran rescued him. And those who saw the news sent donations to cover all expenses for vet, Blue dog food, treats, toys and the home was prepared for handicap. “If you need a friend, get a dog.” – a line from 1987 movie by Oliver Stone. Pass it on….