News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner with spring to follow.
Mary Lynn Lambert had the opportunity to converse with Donna Waldrip who shared a few of her Valentine memories.
“As a young girl, perhaps third or fourth grade, her teacher, Hazel Beshires, helped the students to make paper valentines to give to their friends the next day. As an art project, the students worked hard to make pretty valentines. The next day she received a card that said, ‘You are my sunshine.’ and signed from a friend. She never knew which friend gave her the valentine. Looking back, she feels that Mrs. Beshires knew that not all the students could afford to buy cards to pass around so the art project was so everyone could participate. Mrs. Beshires would always give each child a valentine and a sucker. When Donna married Jim Waldrip, he was always very thoughtful and remembered to bring home either a card, flowers, or candy. In their younger days, Hickory Withe Baptist Church in Fayette County always hosted a valentine banquet which was always fun. When she had children, she always celebrated by giving them candy. When her young son was diagnosed with Diabetes, she bought him fruit. She continued this tradition with her two grandchildren and continues to give valentines to her three great-grandchildren. As she and Jim aged, they started going out to eat on Valentine’s Day. She is quick to say God has blessed her with a good life and she is very thankful for His love.”
Congratulations to the Diffee family on a new member joining their family soon! The Diffee family and friends held a gender reveal party at the Silerton City Park. Several guests attended and watched from their cars as pink streamers were strewn across the lawn. Katie Thornsberry and Dakota Davis are the parents of the baby girl to-be, and Greg and Tresha Diffee are the proud grandparents. This will be their third grandchild.
In health and prayer news, please keep John and Mary Jean Jordan in your prayers as they deal with health issues. Brenda Cooper was moved to the Henderson nursing home. Wanda King appreciates prayers as her body adjusts from a recent surgery. Condolences to the family of Wendell Hooper.
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love.