Chester County basketball ends regular season

Senior cheerleader Briley Thomas helps cheer the Eagles to their victory on Feb. 12 against North Side.

The Eagles finished their season fifth in the district after a victory against North Side on Friday, Feb. 12, and a loss against McNairy on Saturday, Feb. 13. Their final record was 6-8.The first quarter against the North Side Indians ended after the Eagles outscored them 24-9, and Carter Welch of the Eagles hit a three-pointer at the buzzer after receiving the ball with about two seconds left.
In the second quarter, and beginning of the second half, though the Eagles kept the lead, the Indians closed the deficit some.
Nonetheless, the Eagles stayed on top to win 66-52.
Then, the Eagles had to get right back out to play Saturday afternoon, but that game did not go in their favor.
Toward the beginning of the game, the Eagles trailed the McNairy Bobcats 23-8, which hurt them.
After that mark, they were never able to fully make a comeback.
The final score was 79-56.
“There were a lot of good things to take away from it, but coming in with a young team we knew some of the things we were going to struggle with throughout the season. We had a lot of games we were up and lost the leads late, but hopefully with the group we got, this talented young group, in a year or two, we won’t make those same mistakes and it changes our record a little bit,” Eagles Head Coach Collin McPherson said.
The girls sealed a spot in third place for the season after defeating the Bobcats and making their record 9-4.
With the Eaglettes taking the lead from the tip, there were times in the first half when the Bobcats seemed like they would make a comeback, but they never were able to do so.
The Eaglettes went into halftime with the lead 23-10 and finished off their opponents 50-33.
“We just have to tighten up defense. We have to tighten up offense.”
The first game for the Eaglettes in the post season is versus Adamsville. From previous games, one can see that it is definitely a winnable game with the Chester County girls defeating them by 33 the first time they played against each other and by 11 the second time during the season.
“It’s going to be an emotionally charged game, but I think the girls are going to come out and do well,” Pipkin said.
District play was supposed to start this week on Feb. 16, but due to weather conditions, it is unknown when it will start.
The hope is that the teams will get one or possibly two games in.
According to Pipkin, since the district games have to be done by a certain date, if the teams are not able to play all the district postseason matches, the teams already placed in the first through fourth place slots will advance to regionals.
When/if the first round of districts is played, the Chester County will host the girls match against Adamsville and the Eagles will travel to North Side.

Eaglette Ava Craddock drives toward the net in the Chester County vs McNairy game on Saturday, Feb. 13.
Dalton Colbert hits a layup in during the game against McNairy.