News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.” – Thornton Wilder

Sympathy from our community is expressed to these families — Donnie Hannah (1-18-44 to 2-15-21), beloved husband of Brenda Thompson Hannah; Eli Chase Koehn (2-13-21 to 2-14-21), infant daughter of Karsten and Keisha Stoltzfus – Finger Christian Fellowship Cemetery; Emanuel Y. “Manny” Hostetler (5-25-42 to 2-13-21) born in Ohio – private funeral at Henderson City; Mary Eloise Wood Talley (10-5-35 to 2-13-21), beloved mother of Cecelia Murley and grandmother of Craig, Clay and Clint. She was always smiling and such a pretty woman dressed so neatly – Bethel; Paige Emily Henson Arugus (9-11-72 to 2-6-21) from Chester County High School Class of 1990. She blessed others by her organ donation – Woodville; and Willian Anthony Cupples (8-24-51 to 2-6-21), a 1969 CCHS graduate. He was the son of the late Leonard and Virginia Rouse Cupples. Anthony’s Aunt Juanita married my grandmother Beulah H. Nobles’s brother, Frazier Holmes. They had one son, Ray Holmes, who lives in Russia. Anthony had a funny mischievous personality. He loved life and worked hard as an EMT and TN National Guardsman. He retired from Proctor and Gamble and was a volunteer fireman for 30 years. He spent time riding horses (explanation for his western clothes and fancy belt buckle. He looked handsome and at peace). I was so thankful to attend the visitation in Lexington. I pointed out to his daughter and grandson all the touches of love I saw, especially red ribbons with names of his grandchildren. Anthony was not a lazy man; he helped with benefits, cooking and spending time with his nine grandchildren – they called him Papa. His children are Michael (Jana) Cupples, Lisa Cupples and Amy Daniels, and sister is Cara (Robert) Holmes. He would be so pleased friends and businesses thought enough of him to have several lighted vehicles in the processional – Holly Springs
Prayer is requested for Wade Bailey who received a special gift. Teressa Plunk went to her home and is slowly improving; Johnny Hays is coming home to Callie Thursday, and Janice McCall has a knee cap issue. Keep our friends in your prayers. They all need to be lifted. Thinking about the Carthell Jones family on Feb. 18.
Also, Murdell Brewer McCall Barker is celebrating her 102 birthday in heaven on Feb. 19. Look for “LOVE YOU MORE” in this paper.
Dr. Fauci says it will help end this winter surge no matter where you live. Wear a clean new mask over NOSE and MOUTH, be socially distant, avoid large crowds, do good hand hygiene and get vaccinated. Do not gamble with your own life or take someone else’s life by giving them your germs. Wouldn’t you hate to be responsible for harming someone? Not all customers had on masks at Cash Savers. I go down another aisle and get out soon as possible. Run, little Buddy, run.
I love Mo’s snow, but old bones whine and complain. Stay off ice, sleet and snow the safest way you can figure out for your age and health. You know young folks are going to build a snowman, slide down long hills, get on a hood of an old car pulled by a truck (hang on and laugh), throw snowballs and toss hot water in a rainbow shape over their head to see the magic. I sure do envy them. As Mama Beck said, “I was once young and could run, jump and do cartwheels.” I find myself saying those words. Is this a sign? In 2020 on Feb. 6 and 20, it was spitting snow at 9:30 a.m.
I give thanks for having sight to see the beauty of this snow, ice and sleet. I am blessed with a warm home, stocked pantry and telephone friends, and there goes the Tenn. State Highway workers cleaning the messy stuff off Highway 100. If I was younger, I would be there on the side of the road with hot cocoa for them as they returned to go back to the shop. They work hard in freezing weather. I propose in my heart a raise and double time on these freezing days! The Tenn. State Highway just went by cleaning again!
Isn’t it a shame that people still dump their garbage onto people’s lawns? They quickly round bends and on banks toss because people can’t see. Someone has to pick up that garbage. My parents taught us to NEVER toss garbage from the car. A brown paper bag was for that purpose. Isn’t it sad to see seniors trying to bend low enough to pick up that messy stinky stuff? A drone might catch them!
Friends, thank you for remembering me on my favorite holiday – cards in my sentimental boxes. Don, thank you for the candy and cards from you and Sammie. I hope you enjoy the CDs. GREAT IDEA – Let’s make doughnuts in the snow to the sound of Dolly singing, “Nine to Five.” I’ll drive! Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour ourselves two cups of ambition, yawn and stretch and whee-ee. Isn’t it great to have a good imagination?

2021 SOMEONE CARES: Not only were they former Chester County hairdressers, lifelong friends, lived in the same assisted-living, both talented with crochet needles and wanted to help others – and they did this work over and over for no pay or attention. With worn busy hands and crooked arthritic fingers they crocheted or knitted NUMEROUS caps for those who they did not know by face or name into late hours of the night. They had a drive to keep on helping to show someone cared. There were cancer patients in need of a soft head covering. These two women worked with tired busy driven hands to do their parts because these caps were needed so desperately. Some of the thread was their own, and some was donated, but the point was – they did a kind Christian act of love for strangers in need. God bless our dear young at heart friends, Murdell Brewer McCall Barker (1919/2020) and Louise (Hulan) Smith who moved to assisted-living in Lexington. Pass it on.