News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Becky Welch

East Chester teachers and students are showing lots of love for learning these days! Many of our classes are enjoying Freed-Hardeman University students coming two-three days a week to work with our teachers and students. We love their presence in our classrooms and are encouraged about the bright future they have.
Mrs. Leslie Hunt’s Pre-K class enjoyed learning about animals. They look forward in a couple of weeks to incubating their chicken eggs. They have been excited to celebrate love and friendship with our class.
Mrs. Michelle Hopkins Kindergarten Readiness class learned about healthy bodies and how to keep them healthy. They practiced rhyming, counting syllables in words and reading CVC words. In math they just started learning about addition.
Kindergarteners learned and wrote about American symbols and presidents in Social studies. The kids also learned about our state symbols. They decomposed teen numbers in math. They worked on punctuation marks and digraphs in reading. They also learned about U.S. coins: their names and their values. They continued to work on addition fluency. They worked on measurement as well.
First graders at East Chester had a wonderful time learning! They explored ancient civilizations and taking trips through time as they learn about how different life was in the past! First graders are becoming better readers and writers with each passing day! They learned to read independently and answer questions about what they read. They learned to write about what they have read! In math first graders learned about true/false equations, reasoning through word problems and paying attention to precision as they solve mathematical problems! It is a great time to be a first grader at East Chester!
Second graders traveled out west as they explored life as America moved out west. Mrs. Becky’s class finished up a timeline of the War of 1812. They each wrote about an important person or event from the war placing it in chronological order. Each class has been creating a video by Mrs. Becky Hartle’s Fine Arts class on “Casey Jones.” They got to share their videos with their families. They studied American Change Makers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Elizabeth Blackwell, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks as we learned about their contributions to society. In math we worked on becoming fluent in adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers.
Ms. Diane Johnson’s third graders learned about characteristics of birds in their CKLA unit on animals. They made bird feeders out of pinecones. Students were excited to hang them up in the trees near their homes. In science they explored magnets and did experiments to help them understand how magnets work. Other third graders studied the different groups of people that came to the New World and set up colonies. They learned the many reasons why people left their homeland to venture over the Atlantic Ocean to an unknown world. There were several groups of Native Americans who have helped the settlers in all three regions: the New England region, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Southern region. They also studied how people were able to establish different industries in the different areas so they could survive. In math they worked with fractions – comparing, ordering and finding equivalent fractions.
Our students are so excited and thankful to be able to have a chrome book for each student. We are so appreciative of the hard work Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Renee put into making this happen.
As a school we are celebrating “March Madness” with books instead of basketball teams. We have been reading books about people who left an impact on America. Last week, kindergarten chose “Milton Hershey’s Sweet Idea: A Chocolate Kingdom.” First grade voted for “Clara and Davie: The True Story of Young Clara Barton Founder of the Red Cross.” Second grade chose “The Secret Garden of George Washington Carver.” Third grade chose “Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving.” We are excited to learn more about great Americans and see who comes out as the champion!
Great things are happening at East Chester and we are proud of our students!