News from the Enville Community of Chester County


with Jan Johnson

Hello from Enville! I hope you all had a good week. Boy, it was bitterly cold. We had a lot of happy young (and those not so young!) folks last week. With all the snow, school and some people’s work were cancelled, and there was a lot of sledding, snowball fights, snowman building and snow cream eating going on for several days. It was definitely beautiful. We saw so many winter wonderland pictures on Facebook. We even saw some challenges going on. All I can say is that those folks are tough! Okay, as much as I enjoyed the beauty, I was definitely ready for it to get on out of here and for us to get back to normal living. We still have a small amount hanging around, but for the most part, the roads are pretty clear, and Chester County Schools opened on Tuesday.
I think I can say that most of us are ready for Daylight Savings Time to get here and for Spring to arrive. The temperatures are bouncing back nicely, and the buttercups are peeping through, ready for new life!
On another note, we Enville residents are out of water. Some downtown have a little with no pressure, but us on the hill do not have that much, just a trickle. The Adamsville Utility Department has a broken water pipe and can not seem to find it to get it repaired, so we do not know how long this might last. Thanks to the Enville Volunteer Firefighters for giving out bottled water to whoever needed it. They were there on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and were there on Monday afternoon also. We want to thank everyone who helped with getting water to the fire department for distribution. Thanks to FEMA for donating water for our town’s people. We appreciate each of you so much!
Happy birthday wishes go to Annie Massengill on Feb. 27 and Tyler Ooley on Feb. 28. Happy anniversary to Teddy and Ann Hollin on Feb. 27 and Lynn and Sarah Canaday on March 2. We hope you all enjoy your special day! Jerry and Jean Crowell celebrated their 50th anniversary on Feb. 20. Congratulations you two!
Please pray for Texas and those families and rescuers of the drowning accident in Lawton over the weekend. Continue prayers for Jean Crowell, Deb Finley, Casey Pratt, Florence Stublaski, Doris Weeks, Jo Marie Holmes, Jack and Tera O’Neal, Harold and Janice Maness, Janice and Danny Keen, Mary Lee Guyon, Agnes Smith, Linda and Robert Johnson, Dean Hutcherson, Amanda Johnson, Lisa Bishop, Genny Sue Martin, Inez Cash, Jimmy Robertson, Tim Harris, Loretta Plunk, Wayne Bethune, those who have lost loved ones, those affected by COVID, our firefighters, first responders, law enforcement, healthcare workers and military and, as always, each other.
If you have news, call me at 688-5129, or if you want to rent the community center, call Pat at 688-5125. Have a blessed week everyone!