News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Perhaps it is the greater gift, after all, to be left on earth when another is gone.” – Madeline Miller
Sympathy is expressed from friends in Jacks Creek to families of Donnie Edward Hannah (1-18-4 to 2-15-21), beloved husband of Brenda Thompson – Milledgeville; Jimmy “JoBo” Wamble (3-31-56 to 2-19-21) – Old Friendship; and Rosalind Marie Moore Coady (3-4-39 to 2-18-21), wife of the late Joe Coady, mother of Don, Beth and Mark, great-grands, Megan and Caleb Wadley and great-great-grands, Coady Wadley and Elora Hensley – Unity.
My childhood memory is babysitting these Coady youngsters. Marie kept a spotless home and the counter held homemade goodies. We assumed they were to be eaten before parents returned the following morning. The kids had me wrapped around their little fingers. We played with their dog outdoors, hide ‘n seek, chase and their favorite, cowboys and Indians. We all got on our imaginary horses. We did our shooting with finger-pointed hands. I played the Indian. They chased me over hills, into valleys, onto plains, and Don finally shot me. I fell to the ground (floor) mortally wounded taking a last breath. There was victory, then silence and worse of all crying. I (Running Bear) played the character too well. Baby Mark did not need me to be dead, so I was healed by the witch doctor, Beth. Little Mark was too scared for me to die, so he wanted me to do the chasing. Around the house we started again. I shot a cowboy (Don), and he fell, but then a cowboy (Beth) took a revenge shot in which I fell off my horse, facedown motionless. The silence was really quiet. Screaming started, tears fell and tight little arms wrapped me, so I flipped over and gasped for breath. Little, sweet Mark took care of me no matter what character I played. Little Mark decided it was time to eat brownies. I had to wipe those big blue eyes dry. He always held my heart. Nothing was going to happen to Running Bear or Cowboy Pat. Don got movies out, ate brownies and watched other cowboys and Indian fight. Deep down Don and Beth understood Mark was actually Chief Sitting Bull. So many years ago, but memories still pressed between pages of my aging mind.
Snow’s coming! We build statues out of snow, and feel sadness as they melt. Snow’s gone!
Prayers requested for Doris and Andy Maness; Teressa Plunk; and Johnny Hays and Wade Bailey. Wade was carried to Memphis by his daddy on ugly dangerous roads. His daddy brought him back home to “The Creek” under the same road conditions nine days later. Wade is blessed for a second chance at life. The same day his daddy Lance Bailey was carried to JMCGH.
Lance is frustrated celebrating a wedding anniversary alone in the hospital. He is thinking about Ann on that ice and snow Feb. 22 honeymoon trip to the mountains. Those thoughts should keep him up until the weather news comes on tonight. This is the first time they were not together on their anniversary. Happy 63rd wedding anniversary Lance and Ann Wallace Bailey. Lance, you have a BIG heart that spreads its love to those in need. Take care of YOU. Kiss and make-up later. Get well soon.
Joy McKinnon does fun things. She celebrates her Feb. 21 birthday all month. Does that mean extra gifts, too?
Don and I were watching Kelly and Ryan television show Monday. They called a Lexington woman, Sharon Tyler. We were pulling for her. She fooled the hosts and won the prized mug and then won the wheel prize! Anyone know her? Congratulations!
Thank you, postal workers, for jobs you do daily. Glad you were kept safe. Tennessee State Highway Department were out night and day. They started on main highways first then side roads. We are blessed to have them and equipment. I love living on the HIGHWAY! When I was a child and road conditions were like this in 1963, we would hear the TN State Department blading the roads. Someone in the house would say, “There goes Mr. Everette Thompson.” It was a secure feeling knowing someone was taking care of us through the cold snowy night.
2021 SOMEONE CARES: A dog was shot in the head; a bullet exited his mouth; his legs were wire-tied. He was helpless, but cruelly tossed into the snow. Later a couple spotted him. The responsible people pulled the dog already frozen to the ground and drove to an animal hospital. His gums had been damaged. The main issue was several repeated beatings to the head. The vet did surgery. Later this couple took him home and started the long process of winning TRUST. He learned to love and trust again. Pass it on…