Chester County High School students start Virtual Enterprise Program

Pictured (left to right): Ethan Tramulen, Austin Hannah, Colby King, Rilee Kat Vest, Abby Arnold, Jamisson Aleman. Not pictured: Josh Wade, Dylan Arnold and teacher DJ Sheets. 

By: Riley Haltom

Thanks to the biggest snowstorm in years, Chester County High School students were treated to a 12-day weekend. “Snowpocalypse” brought a large amount of snow and ice, leaving everyone stuck at home with their families. Everyone spends their snow days differently. Some used the time to catch up on schoolwork. Others played video games with friends. Some took part in the ancient art of building a snowman, and others were lucky enough to have a hill near their house and had the chance to go sledding. Personally, I enjoyed sleeping in and spending time relaxing. Senior Kasha Hodge bonded with her family.
“This week I spent time with my family. I have younger siblings who had yet to experience such a large amount of snow. It was very precious to watch them experience it and enjoy it.”
Sophomore Evans Bailey got some time to relax.
“Over the break, I spent most of my time on the game with my friends. It was nice to have a break to relax.”
Senior Sarah Porter was trapped indoors.
“I got out to sled once with a few friends, but otherwise stayed inside because of the cold. I got to use a hot tub while it was snowing and I got to drink a lot of hot chocolate.”
Senior Annabelle Tomlinson was stuck inside also.
“Over the break, the roads were terrible so I stayed home. I spent a lot of time with my family and I got to go sledding. Overall, the break gave me a good chance to relax and experience snow for the first time in a while.”
Before “Snowpocalypse,” the Chester County Basketball teams celebrated their seniors on February 20. Several senior basketball cheerleaders were also recognized, including Briley Thomas, Madelyn Wilson, Kasha Hodge, Melina Alexander, Carley Hughes, Emma Greene, RJ Barboza, and Rayna Lynch. The boys recognized Dalton Colbert. The girls recognized players Mia Hurst and Tori Trice and managers Ashanti Epperson and Maaliyah Chappell. The girls recognized Hurst also for her 1,000 points with a 1,000-point ball. Most importantly, we recognized Roselyn Roberts as our 3rd Eaglette Senior with her jersey after her tragic passing in May of 2020.
On Friday, the boys wiped the floor with North Side in a make-up game. The final was 52-66, with Dalton Colbert scoring 22 in that game. On Saturday, the boys and girls played McNairy. The girls won, while the boys lost in a heartbreaker. The game was very emotional, with the bench even getting a technical foul.
On Monday Feb. 22, playoffs started. The boys won 83-73 over North Side behind Colbert’s 24-point effort. The girls played at home against Adamsville. They won by a score of 53-38, with Ava Craddock scoring 19 and Mia Hurst hitting 100 percent of her free throws.
Chester County High School now has a Virtual Enterprise Program. Virtual Enterprise is a program where the students learn what it takes to manage and run a business. They created a business from scratch called “Bags N’ Boards”. Their business allows customers to create their own personalized cornhole bags and boards. They have been a part of two trade shows this year. When they are not doing trade shows, they look to find ways to improve their business and figure out the next steps needed to expand their business. This the first year Chester County has done the virtual enterprise class and they hope that this program will continue for years to come. “We met with people from all over the country who are also in the virtual enterprise community! We have met with people from Texas to even New York City! It’s definitely very exciting and such a pleasure to meet other students interested in the business world just like us,” said Virtual Enterprise CEO Rilee Kat Vest.