Eaglettes make it to second round of Regionals

During the district awards, Mia Hurst and Ava Craddock won All-District. Hurst, Craddock, Tori Trice and Jariyah Williamson won All-District Tournament Awards, and Hurst won All-Academic.

By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

The Eaglettes had a good season with the ability to advance as far as the second round of Regionals.
The girls placed second in the district after a win against Scotts Hill (54-43) in the second round of the district.
No team played in the district finals, due to snow pushing the district behind schedule.
Then in round one of the regionals, the Eaglettes had a nice 12-point victory over Crockett County at home.
That game was close up to the third quarter.
At halftime, the teams entered the locker rooms with the score at 18-16 with the Eaglettes on top.
At the end of the third, Mia Hurst shot a three-pointer to give them a five-point lead, 34-29. Then good defense spread the lead further in the fourth.
The final score was 48-36.
After the game, Head Coach Lee Pipkin said that the girls improved every game of the tournaments.
“I think we’ve all improved. Everybody’s improved a little bit, she said. “Defense has definitely improved over time, because we have worked on zone all year long… It’s like they came out against Scotts Hill and they got it.”
Those wins got them to play against Westview in the second round of the regionals, and they fell 51-33.
The Eaglettes tried their best to keep the Westview Chargers out of the post, but in doing so, the Chargers proved to be dangerous at the three-point line as well with 33 of their 51 points being three pointers.
Pipkin was proud of her girls though in their game against the Chargers and in their season as a whole.
“Westview is a really good team and has a lot of weapons. It’s a case of picking your poison. They have shooters, drivers and big post players,” she explained. “We were prepared to give up some threes as long as we could score on offense… We didn’t have a good shooting night and Westview did. Regardless, our girls beat some good teams and we were fortunate to have made it to the regional semi-finals.

Eaglette Head Coach Lee Pipkin clapped in joy toward the end of the Eaglettes game against Crockett County. She said she was proud of how the girls played throughout the tournaments.
Kasha Dancy, Melina Alexander and their fellow cheerleaders traveled to Westview to cheer on the Eaglettes on Monday, March 1.
Mia Hurst
Jariyah Williamson