Local author John D. Harris publishes eighth novel

Pictured above is the book jacket for local author John D. Harris’ newly published eighth novel.

Local writer John D. Harris recently published his eighth novel titled Wynn, You’re Strange. Set in Jackson during 2019-20, it is the story of an unusual boy named Wynn who, at an early age, is diagnosed with Asperger’s. Later he discovers an ability to hear the emotional state-of-mind of anyone within his close proximity.
Now teetering between his youth and adulthood, Wynn searches for ways of using his unusual gift to help others without wrecking his own life. While confronting family dysfunction, courtroom drama, a crooked cop, political terrorists and a viral pandemic, Wynn discovers how the criteria for genetic superiority varies widely and, like physical beauty, resides in the eyes of the beholder.
All of Harris’ novels are available by loan from the Chester County Library. Both paperback and e-book versions are also available from Amazon.