Henderson Community Teen Theatre presents first production, “Anatomy of Gray”


The community of Henderson and Chester County traveled to Gray, Indiana last weekend through the play “Anatomy of Gray.”
It was put on by the Henderson Community Teen Theatre.
The production was being rehearsed all the way back in September when they thought they could possibly put on the play in November, but COVID-19 numbers increased.
So after pushing the play to the spring, the Henderson Community Teen Theatre was formed, not under the umbrella of Chester County Schools Director Mary Hicks explained.
Since under the school’s critical infrastructure rules students could not gather in large numbers, they performed as a community theatre.
The performance was done with two sets of leads in case someone was to contract the coronavirus.
Logan Williams and Alane Barnett played the lead of June Muldoon and Seth Wilson and Luke Noles played the role of Dr. Galen Gray.
Being scared that they would not be able to put on the show, cast members were excited once this became a reality.
“When we were finally able to do a live performance, we were definitely very excited and eager,” said Rilee Kat Vest who played Rebekah Muldoon.
One thing that the cast enjoyed a lot was just the ability to work with each other though the time may have been stressful yet fun.
“It’s definitely been an emotional roller coaster, because we worked so hard to get to this point and into these roles and all of a sudden, you have it. No you don’t. You have it. No you don’t.” And then you have it and it became stressful yet relieving,” said Williams.
“I’m so blessed to have worked with this group of people and this group of friends. This has probably been one of the greatest, most performance-ready group of people…Everyone in this group has worked so hard and I’m so proud of them,” said Wilson.