Chester County Retired Teachers’ met March 17


President Jean Smith welcomed members and visitors to the March 17 meeting of the Chester County Retired Teachers’ Association at Snookum’s restaurant. She expressed appreciation to West Tennessee Bank for sponsoring the meal. President Smith thanked Christi Yarbourgh, from the West Tennessee Bank, for the way CCRTA is supported. Appreciation was also given to Brandon Maness and the Snookum’s staff for providing our delicious meal.
The meeting began with Jackie Hibbet leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Gail Dyer gave the Thought for the Day and Bob Ivy gave thanks for the meal. The minutes from the September meeting were read by Marti McDaniel. Jennie Fletcher gave the treasurer’s report. The reports were approved as read.
Because of inclement weather, Tyler Goodson, son of CCRTA member Mark Goodson, was unable to attend and perform for the members. Time was then spent with members being able visit and catch up on happenings since the COVID-19 pandemic had cancelled several meetings.
With no old business to discuss, President Smith introduced the new business. A brief snapshot of the March 8 West Tennessee Retired Teachers’ ZOOM meeting was presented by Vice President Martha Lewis. The purpose of Tennessee Retired Teachers’ Association is to promote economic and professional interest of retired teachers and also to promote and support action at the state and national levels to improve the living conditions of older Americans. Retired teachers need a voice in the legislature. We are under the TCRS umbrella that directly impacts our Social Security benefits, insurance, and support of public education. Vice President Lewis encouraged members to email, call, fax, visit or write and mail a personal letter to communicate with our legislators for our voices to be heard. Chester County native, Donna Cotner, along with the TRTA board, are constantly working behind the scenes for our members and is not, nor has ever been politically motivated. It is motivated by issues that directly involve retired teachers.
President Smith gave an update on several members who have been ill, and we were especially thankful that Martha Lewis was able to be with us. President Smith also read a thank you note from North Chester thanking CCRTA for the donation of tissues for their school. President Smith announced that a donation to Imagination Library will be the June 16 service project. The June meeting we will begin our new year and memberships will be due.
Our meeting was concluded with the passing out of door prizes. We want to thank Ronald and Caroline Johnson, Dawn Holloman, Martha Lewis and Jackie Hibbett for donating items.
President Smith once again thanked West Tennessee Bank for sponsoring our meeting and for Snookum’s for preparing the wonderful meal.