News from Chester County High School


By: Riley Haltom

Spring break is never a dull time for students at Chester County High. A much-needed break in the thick of the spring semester, spring break offers a week for students and staff to rest and take a break from the stresses of education and educating, respectively. Some choose to take this time to escape their usual environment and visit a different place, while others choose to stay at home and work on a hobby or just relax. The wide scope of activities spring break offers to everyone is part of the reason it is so popular.
I personally got a bit of all. I started by traveling to a retreat for members of staff for a summer camp called Tennessee Teen Institute, toured the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, hiked at a place called Dismal’s Canyon in Northern Alabama, celebrated a friend’s birthday, celebrated my brother’s birthday, competed in a Health Occupation Students of America competition and spent the rest relaxing at home with my family.
Junior Logan Williams spent her spring break in a more traditional fashion.
“Having a break from school was relieving, but having a teacher mom made it feel like less of a break than it could have. I was thankful to travel, especially because of COVID and staying away from the constant assignments was much-needed.”
Sophomore Evans Bailey took a trip farther away.
“I actually got to travel to Yellowstone National Park. I spent the week in Wyoming and got to see all the famous spots in the park like the geysers, the waterfalls, Yellowstone Lake and the big hot springs. It was a super fun experience, and I want to go again as soon as possible.”
Senior Annabelle Tomlinson stayed close to home.
“I spent my spring break at home. It was a great chance for me to relax and focus on myself. I got to slow down and take care of myself. School keeps me busy, so this was a very useful break.”
These students show how many different possibilities spring break offers, and each one is equally valid. Who doesn’t love a beach trip like Logan’s? Taking a trip to a major landmark like Yellowstone like Evans sounds very fun and is something I would like to do one day. Staying home to focus on yourself as Annabelle did is very important, too. Visiting colleges and hiking was a great way to spend my spring break. All of these options are just a taste of what spring break can be. I know of so many other students that did so many different things that I just do not have time to include in this article. However, hearing about everyone’s adventures on social media and by word of mouth is always a treat. Spring break is important to students, as they need relaxation time, and it offers the chance to experience things they otherwise could not have.