Brothers plan to open Mifflin Store in May

Old gas pumps were being replaced with new ones April 2 in preparation for the May opening of the Mifflin Store.

Mifflin residents will soon have a new convenience store in their community.
In the beginning of May, brothers Chris and Scott McCaskill will open the Mifflin Store which will be located at 9000 State Route 200 in Luray.
The upcoming convenience store, in addition to gas, plans to serve breakfast along with pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken, fried catfish and sandwiches for lunch.
In the back will be pool tables for locals to enjoy.
Furthermore, they plan to reopen the dance hall that the Mifflin community used to enjoy.
They plan to have it ready by the fall around September. Then, they will they begin hosting dance events and allow others to rent the event area.
The store, along with the dance hall, have been closed down for some years now, but the McCaskills hope to revive it along with the sense of community it had.
“When the store first opened up in the early 2000s, my brother and I would go up there to play pool, buy candy and hang out with others. Since the store hasn’t been open for quite some time and was for sale, we thought it would be a great opportunity to open it back up for the community and surrounding area,” Chris said.
They are currently searching for cashiers and cooks and ask for those who are interested to call Chris at 731-435-9070 or Scott at 731-435-9495.