Leslie Salvador’s slam seals victory

In the bottom of the last inning, the game was tied with two outs and a runner at second, and Leslie Salvador ended the game with a homerun allowing her team to win by two runs. Photo by Kendall Patterson

By Kendall Patterson

The Lady Eagles Softball team had an exciting game against Riverside.
It started rough for the Chester County girls as the Riverside Panthers scored four runs in just the top of the first.
Then, following two pop ups for outs, Tori Trice stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun that soared just inside the foul post.
In the bottom of the second, Chester Co. then tied it at four runs.
The panthers responded within the top of the third by scoring another run on a bunt, and they scored again in the fifth making the score 6-4.
In the bottom of the fifth, Lana Rowland found a way to send a runner home with a double on a hit that went between outfielders. Folllowing that, a bunt by Heather McMahan sendtanother run home for the tie and barely made it safely to first after the Riverside first baseman dropped the catch for the out.
In the last inning, the Lady Eagles played the defense necessary to keep the score 6-6 in the top of the seventh.
In the bottom of the inning, Trice got out, and Aja Stovall managed to get on the bags.
Then, Kara Pipkin got out.
With the game tied 6-6 with two outs Leslie Salvador stepped in the batter’s box with a homer over the fence to win the game.
To top it all off, the lady Eagles won by two runs when they only needed one due to Salvador getting the RBI as well.
The team celebrated and went wild at home plate.
There were many pop ups for outs during the game against Chester Co., but none can complain when the balls go the distance.
Head Coach Brandon Pipkin was glad the game ended the way it did.
He mentioned how his team still is find the neccessary ways to improve every game, he is confident that they will be ready for all their opponents once the district tournament comes.

One of Tori Trice’s hits on Monday, April 12, was a homerun that put her team up on the scoreboard. Photo by Kendall Patterson