News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain.” – Sukhraj Dhillon

Sympathy from our community to families of Bobby Bruce Barton (12-3-39 to 4-5-21), husband of Brenda Matthews and served in the U.S. Navy – April 9 Memorial; Annie Rea Ray Scarbrough (5-18-35 to4-2-21) – Ebenezer Cemetery in Malesus; Neomi Ruth Glisson Daniel (7-27-38 to 4-9-21)beloved wife of the late Benny Daniel (1-9-19) – Heartbeat Cemetery; Clarence Earl Pusser (4-21-34 to 4-8-21) – Sweetlips; Barbara Jeanne Egan McCormick (2-25-47 to 4-10-21) – Memory Gardens; and Marshel Dewayne Wheatley (7-17-37 to 4-11-21).
Also, Prince Philip Mountbatten (6-10-1921 to 4-9-2021) husband of Elizabeth II, Queen of England wanted a quiet funeral. A tender side I would like to share. In November of 1963, Jacqueline Kennedy found Prince Philip on the floor behind a closed door playing with John. Little John told Prince Philip he had no one to play with and asked where was his daddy. Prince Philip cared and helped an innocent child. In 1965 Prince Philip held John’s hand at the British Memorial to J. F. Kennedy; in 1993 Prince Philip was a rock for John and Caroline after the loss of their mother; and Prince Philip saw the tragic deaths of John, his wife and sister-in-law in 1999.
Continued prayers for Shane Martin, Lisa and Win of Florida, Lexington Hemby families and Pinson Newmans. Also, two separate vehicle accidents have occurred. There were two deaths – we are sorry for your loss.
Doug Jones, you have plenty of time to select a perfect anniversary gift for LaVon before May 5. Do you want two dogs, Doug? She’s thinking!
Animal tidbit: Zach Medlin was walking his dog when he came across a small rock with an inscription that made him cry, and he was age 80. Buddie (1928-1944) “Born a dog. Died a gentleman”. Albert Jones and Buddie walked in Kiroli Park in Louisiana, a 160 acre park. The story goes that Buddie was a mascot for Boys Scouts. One day a scout fell into the pond. The dog’s persistent barking alerted those nearby to save the boy. When the dog died, his owner wanted to bury him in the park. Albert (1920/1960) at age eight raised his puppy during the depression. This tribute allows the very good boy (dog) to live on near the pond. Zach Medlin said, “All dogs deserve a grave marker.”
This year, those I started to Jacks Creek School with are turning age 70. They can no longer run, jump, skip or do cartwheels, but they are so precious to me. We are the children of “The Greatest Generation.” Our parents were raised with work ethics and showed manners to all people. Being kind to children was a must, and elderly were precious historical treasures. Animals were treated with kindness and compassion and fed, watered and offered shelter. I loved my school pals then and now. I hurt when I lose one – a part of your heart is injured and it hurts.
April showers came on Dwight Jones’s April 7 birthday; and Kathy Tignor Belew may have rain on her flowers on April 21. I am thankful they are here to smell the roses with me. I love them. Look at our knock-out roses – two blooms on April 8 and April 10 – one for Dwight and one for Kat.
I am pleased Sammie Lott; Richard Wadley; Ronnie Burkhead; Lisa Brasfield; Earl Tignor; Jean King; Haddie Stanfill and Waymond Holmes share my mother’s April 16 birthday.
Happy birthday to Estelle Jones on April 18 and Queen Elizabeth on April 21. She was born the same year (1926) as my daddy; and Melbern Jones tried to blow out 96 candles on April 6, but he started running out of gas and began spinning gravel!
Did you enjoy war dates and tidbits last week? I have more information to add. President Calvin Coolidge, “A nation that forgets its defenders is also forgotten.” Did you know the U.S. Army began issuing uniforms designed to echo the styles of uniforms from World War II era in 2020, a tribute to “The Greatest Generation.”
I am patriotic and proud of be an American. I enjoy my rights and will always be indebted to those who still serve or those who served our great nation.
I am interested in Bataan Death March survivors. Read – ”My Hitch in Hell” by Lister Tenney (1920/2017) and “Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War; One Man’s True Story” by Albert Brown (1905/2011).
I found Walter Straka (10-24-1919) still living in Minnesota. He was presented a Congressional Gold Medal. He was in Company A-194th Tank Battalion. He survived the Bataan Death March.

SOMEONE CARES: A huge 85th birthday bash was planned for Maxwell Plunk Norville by Jane McCaig. Five siblings and families attended in 2008. I had heard how those PLUNK siblings rode from HOMER PLUNK HILL to Jacks Creek School. I called Bruce Barton. He agreed to bring Lessie Barton’s Model A – Ford. Someone cared – Thanks to Bruce; he appeared in the car. I will never forget seeing those PLUNK siblings becoming excited school kids again. They stroked and then piled in the car. They took off for a final ride. A ride that would last them a lifetime in memory. Indeed they were a big part of the icing on Maxwell’s cake. The Barton Model A Ford took them back to a happy time! Plunk siblings were Raymond (1921-1995); Maxwell (1923-2012); Carrie (1925-2016); Hazel (1927-2020); Ronald (1930-2017); and Billy (1935-2010). They are all gone now, but Homer Plunk Hill holds sweet memories. I feel the presence of those Plunk kids so full of joy in high gear! We need a HOMER PLUNK HILL Highway 22 sign. Pass it on…