The Chester County Independent wants to know: Share your mother’s words of wisdom


A mother’s tender words are often remembered, treasured, and repeated to future generations. Moms are full of wisdom, whether it is an admonishment such as “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice,” an age-old saying which warns against eyesight being damaged by poor light or the relationship of going outside with wet hair and catching a cold or practical advice like “If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth doing right.” Many motherly sayings simply reflect a mother’s love. What advice did your mother bestow about life and how to live? What did she say or do to show her love and encourage you to be your best? Maybe you are now the mom and passing these sayings on to your own children. What words do you pass on? What would you share with new and future generations of moms? Send your stories, sayings and photos to the Chester County Independent via email at or drop them off at the office at 218 S. Church Ave., in Henderson. Submissions received by Monday, May 3 will be shared in the Independent, in the May 6 edition, just in time to honor moms for Mother’s Day.