News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Sitting silently beside a friend who is hurting may be the best gift we can give.”
Sympathy for the families of Larry Junior Morris (9-27-49 to 4-20-21). Larry and Donna’s kids – Angela, Brian and Tammy (deceased 5-9-19) – were sweet and well-mannered in school – burial at Cabo; and Brenda Carol Stack Cooper (1-9-46 to 4-20-21) – burial at Montezuma
Prayers for Sharon Boothe. Mike Tignor is improving. Jean Tignor is dealing with illness. Wade Bailey returned to work.
Happy anniversary to Doug and LaVon Jones on May 5. April showers bring May flowers. Doug, a week vacation and red roses will work!
Charlotte Joyner has an empty nest again after seven months. Jared, Jeannie and Cooper moved to Arlington into their new home. Cooper, age five, asked Gran-Gran – “Does this mean I won’t see you ever day?” Gran-Gran got wet eyes but is relieved Jeannie and Cooper with Bella (grand dog) will continue to visit weekly to help with flowers and veggies.
April 24, 2021, the wedding of Cheyenne Williams and Cody Rushing began with tear drops not raindrops! Lexington Progress printed the programs. The ceremony began with Officiants, Derrick Jowers and Sam McAdams; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rushing; Bride’s grandparents, Sue Wright; Groom’s grandparents, Christine Rushing Bimbi and Larry Blackstock; Maid of Honor, Jessica W. Austin; Best Man, Cody Bailey; Bridesmaids, Rachel Byrd, Anna Broughton, Joecy Broughton, Erica Stanfill and Erin Rushing; Groomsmen, Mitchell Wood, Dylan Fucci, Jonathan Austin, Kelby Byrd, and Trey Wright; Flower Girl, Jolie Austin; Ring bearer, Ty Seagraves (took off dropping rose petals), but Jolie Austin followed quickly picking up those he dropped (laughter); Miniature Bride, Jenna Austin; Miniature Groom, Braxton Seagraves; and Usher, Brody Broughton made Union Hill Church shine!
We witnessed The Scripture Reading; Exchanging of some repeated vows (laughter); Exchanging of rings (little teasing); Lord’s Prayer; Unity Signing of the Family Bible; Pronouncement; and recessional to greet nearly 300 guests. Then the fun closeness of picture-taking and capturing memories. The love between these family members and friends was precious to witness.
The bride, groom, usher and driver departed for the reception in a 1932 black Packard! Three tents covered a buffet fit for a “Queen” and “King.” Sentimental magnolia leaves came from Cody’s great-grandparents’ home. Cheyenne collected 200 glasses for “Something New” on buffet tables.
I saw Crystal’s sister, Tammy (Jeff) West, Sherry Clenney Grice, Tina Johnson Wright, Wanda Wright Harrington, Sheila Wright Richardson, Fran Bailey, Janice and Jerry Cherry, Judy and Phillip Cranford, Rebecca Vineyard and 200 others! Many thanks to pretty and thoughtful “Chloe” helping the 70 year old feeble woman with her plate and beverage headed south rather than on a table. Chloe found a perfect corner table for the old couple – saved by an angel.
Humorously those missing Wright Family members would have loved the truck tires stacked for a groom table holding Cody’s cake. Next wedding? Jenna Austin caught the bride’s bouquet. Someone said she had the miniature bride’s dress.
The darling hay-formed truck using a pallet, tires and a sign “Just Married” was the ending of a beautiful event sharing keepsakes – hand-made wrapped soap, ribbon labeled wedding bells and blow bubbles. Ten years ago I saw Cheyenne’s sister, Jessica marry Jonathan Austin. Love is in the air in Wright Town! Love is in heaven.
Be good to our natural pollinators. We need them; and they need us greatly. Honeybees, however, have a much larger impact in our lives through agriculture (ask The Colberts, Wadleys, Morris and Grissom). Not only do honeybees provide pollination to veggies and fruit crops, but they also pollinate crops we grow and feed to animals which we then eat or use for dairy products. Gardeners and farmers MUST be careful.
Honeybees can also come into contact with these pesticides by spray, water, dew droplets, dust, and soil. Pesticides kill insects by inflecting sub-lethal damage. They weaken immune systems, disrupt digestion, impair navigational abilities, and subtly harm the brain. These effects can be particularly detrimental to colonial insects like honeybees.
Carpenter bees are beneficial pollinators and pose a limited sting threat. They become a nuisance when making nests inside wood – siding, patio furniture, fencing, decking,swing sets,gazebo or archways. The best defense against carpenter bees is prevention. Maintaining wooden surfaces all year long. Use pressure or chemically-treated lumber. Bobby Rickets would wisely advise vinyl-siding, and Beverly would sweetly nod.
Please do your part in planting Cindy Springer’s flowers for humming birds, bees and butterflies. Hummers enjoy clean feeders with fresh nectar (one cup sugar to four cups water). Songbirds are dying due to nasty moldy feeders. Just soak feeders. We use a natural cleaner and brush. When it has dried just refill. Next, who wants to drink out of a nasty fountain or bird bath? It is enjoyable to see birds sip on fresh water, dip, shake their feathers, repeat and then take another sip of water. I use a water hose. I love washing bird baths. It only takes one bird to anxiously announce your surprise visit.
2021 SOMEONE CARES – on April 14, 2021, Sheriff Dan McClelland, 67, from Ohio died of cancer. He had worked 13 years with Midge, age 16, a rat terrier Chihuahua. She was the world’s smallest police dog in the Guinness Book World Records. They were always together dressed in uniform. Dan died in the hospital. Midge died a few hours later. Family and officers felt she died of a broken heart. Dan had picked her out himself. Midge was a great drug sniffing dog. She would find the drugs but did not make a mess of her find by tearing the carpet or its surrounding. Family, friends and deputies attended the funeral. Dan and Midge were buried together. This is a caring happy ending on this earth for master and best friend. Now they are sniffing the beautiful smells in heaven.