News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Lauren Barker

Hello from East Chester Elementary! There are lots of great activities going on at our school. We are at the busiest time of the year. Our second and third graders are working hard on their state assessments. They are doing a great job! First graders are working on adding within 100 as well as comparing true and false equations. They are also working on improving their writing by composing opening and closing sentences. Kindergarteners are working on addition and subtraction fluency. They are also learning about ways to take care of the Earth such as reducing, reusing and recycling. During the month of May, teachers will be traveling to different classrooms to take the kids on an imaginary trip around the globe. We are looking forward to learning about the customs and cultures of other countries!
Here are some of the events coming up at our school:
May 7: Camp Read-a-Lot: We will be spending the whole day reading! We are super excited about this day.
May 13: Kindergarten Awards Day
May 14: Fun Run
May 21: Field Day