News from the Enville Community of Chester County


with Jan Johnson

Hello from Enville!
I hope that everyone had a great week and that all mothers had a Happy Mother’s Day.
The weather we have been having lately is not my favorite. It is cold one day, hot the next with lots of rain and pollen. It is keeping my sinuses confused. I am so ready for the temperature to level out. High 80s and low 60s would be great for me! The cemetery decorations on Sunday were hindered by the wind and rain, so we did not get to see a lot of folks we usually see there. There has been some farming going on around here between showers. Maybe the farmers can get their crops in without delay this year. The Enville Volunteer Fire Department and Community Center Committee thanks everyone for their support in the fundraiser on Saturday. They appreciate everyone in every way.
May 13, 2021 is Ascension Day, also called Ascension Thursday or sometimes Holy Thursday. In Luke, Chapter 24, we read that, when He had led the Disciples out to the vicinity of Bethany, He lifted up His hands and blessed them. While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven. On Saturday, May 15, we celebrate Armed Forces Day. On this day we honor all the people currently serving in the U.S. armed forces. Be sure to thank someone for their service.
Happy birthday wishes go to Amanda Johnson on May 14 , Jennifer Gibbs on May 16 and Hunter Harwell on May 20. We hope you all enjoy your special day!
Please continue prayers for Deb Finley, Casey Pratt, Doris Weeks, Florence Stublaski, Jean Crowell, Agnes Smith, Linda and Robert Johnson, Mary Lee Guyon, Janice and Danny Keen, Jo Marie Holmes, Jack and Tera O’Neal, Harold and Janice Maness, Lisa Bishop, Amanda Johnson, Genny Sue Martin, Tim Harris, Tim and Tabitha Hampton, Jimmy Robertson, Wanda Ellis, those who are battling illnesses, those who have lost loved ones, our firefighters, first responders, law enforcement and healthcare workers and, as always, each other.
Harold and Frankie Finley, Nish, Parker and Molly enjoyed their vacation in Florida last week. I hear they had a great time, and we are happy they are back in Enville. Jim Wade was on the farm last week. It is always good to see him. Decoration Days are the third Sunday in May at Big Springs, Cabo, Johnson Cemetery in Enville and Shiloh. Please support your cemeteries.
If you have news to share, call me at 688-5129, or if you want to rent the community center, call Pat at 688-5125. Have a blessed week everyone.