News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Becky Welch

What a fun week we had at East Chester! We started traveling the world! Every Monday and Wednesday in May teachers, representing different countries, are going to other classrooms to teach about their country. Some of the countries are Brazil, France, China, England, Italy, Ireland, Belize, Australia, Zimbabwe, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Russia and Peru. We are enjoying getting to know other students, and the students are having a ball learning about other places in our big, big, world.
Kindergarten have been studying “Taking care of the Earth” in science. It included various kinds of pollution. They have some great work in the halls that show what they have learned in regards to taking care of our world. They worked on subtraction fluency in math. May 13 is their big day as they have their end of the year awards ceremony! We are so proud of our Kindergartners and their teachers for all they have done this year!
Second graders worked hard to review skills as well as adding new knowledge especially in math. Last week they enjoyed celebrating everyone’s birthday with one big birthday celebration! The FORCE was strong in second grade rooms on May 4 as they celebrated Star Wars Day with science experiments, English and math games. Some even learned about Cinco de Mayo on May 5. They learned that this holiday came about in the U.S.A. to help the Hispanic immigrants keep and remember their Hispanic culture.
Third graders studied ecology and reviewed skills while enjoying some fun themed days. They had a movie/popcorn day, board game day and camp read a lot.
The faculty and staff appreciate all the acts of kindness that have been shown to us this week with treats and lunches. We feel appreciated and loved.
We still have a few more weeks left of learning and lots of fun to be had! We can not wait to see what is done in the classroom between now and May 28!