Board Of Education recognizes Karen Callis’ efforts at Chester County Middle School

Pictured is the homepage of Karen Callis’ CCMS Virtual Library.

Karen Callis, Chester County Middle School Librarian, has kept the Chester County Middle School children reading in a unique way.
The Chester County Board of Education recognized her for creating a virtual CCMS library for students this year during the pandemic. The virtual library is interactive, has an memoji of Callis and allows kids to read from a huge range of reading options such as the CCMS digital library, PBS, Sports Illustrated Kids, National Geographic Kids and more.
The board also gave 10 educators $50 Chamber Bucks packages each for the teachers who completed the TDOE Educator Survey. The teachers were selected from a drawing. The educators who received the packages are: (alphabetically) Lauren Barker, Heather Bates, Misti Elliott, Karisa Garner, Michael Goff, Jason Judd, Caryn Kemp, Carla Schmitt, Myra White and Amy Wood.
The first draft of the 2021-22 General Purpose and Federal Programs Budgets was approved by the board members.
The board also approved for the out-of-county tuition for Chester County students to remain at $600 per student or $900 per family.