Henderson Teen Community Theatre performs Broadway Showcase

Pictured are the seniors posing from a scene in one of their favorite productions while they have been a part of theatre in Chester County. Seniors left to right are: Madison Granger, Rilee Kat Vest, RJ Barboza, Seth Wilson, Haley Heenan, Josh Wade, MK Miller, Luke Noles and Trenton Sweeney.

CCHS seniors share their favorite moments over the years

The Henderson Teen Community Theatre put on a Broadway Showcase production this past weekend that featured a variety of Broadway musicals that the students have done in recent years. These musicals include: Newsies, Anastasia, Hunchback, Off Balance Company, Adams Family, Catch Me if You Can, Singin’ in the Rain, Hamilton, Les Miserables, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Dear Evan Hansen.
It was the last performance that seniors of Chester County High School were able to have with other students at CCHS. After the performance, they reminisced about their favorite moments over their years in theatre.
Madison Granger – “My favorite memory is watching Haley (Heenan) getting pied in the face.”
Haley Heenan – Heenan’s favorite memory was a free style dance party they had during every warm-up before Singin in the Rain. “We were all just having the time of our lives getting hyped up for the show,” she said.
MK Miller – “It was the night before “The Taste of Sunrise” at TTA, Mr. Patel helped me figure out my character completely and it was probably one of the best shows that we’ve done,” she said.
Trenton Sweeney – Sweeney’s favorite memory was discovering that a hairspray could melt a mannequin head. “Me and Luke spent the rest of that show melting a mannequin with that hairspray,” he said.
Rilee Kat Vest – Vest mentioned how her favorite moments include all the random dance breaks before a show, TTA, Thescon Orpheum nominations, the people, the late night Waffle House runs, inside jokes and especially Newsies. “Just everything about Newsies. I’m obsessed with Newsies,” she said.
RJ Barboza – Barboza shared two memories. One was being nominated for the Orpheum this year, and the second one was a memory he shares with Luke Noles. “During every single show, I would look across and see Luke Noles dancing along with some song. Just staring at me dead in my eyes until I started dancing along with him,” he said.
Luke Noles – Noles remembered a night he enjoyed when a play-fighting with other cast members. “After Grease… I fought the largest guy in the cast, and I’m not a big guy, and I got slammed on the ground. It was a good night,” he said.
Seth Wilson – Wilson’s favorite memory was of how Barboza got him in theatre. “I was sitting in Mrs. Hick’s Theatre I class reading for Frollo in Hunchback and RJ Barboza looked over to me and said, ‘That guy has a nice voice. We should put him in the show.’ And at that moment I was in theatre, and it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made…Without him saying my voice sounded cool, I would not be where I am today.”

Henderson Teen Community Theatre performs selections from last weekend’s performance of a “Broadway Showcase.” The production included excerpts from various musicals.