News from the Henderson Community of Chester County


with Gloria Holiday

Hello to everyone! Greetings from the City. For this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
I am back! My husband and I were on vacation. It was way overdue! We went to Branson, Mo., and while we were there, one of the attractions we visited was Sight & Sound Theatres. It is the nation’s largest Christian theatre company and one of the highest attended live theatres on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We went back in time and witnessed one of the greatest stories of the Bible as it came to life right before our eyes! The attraction we saw was “JESUS.” It was superb!
I am so glad to be an American and to have the freedoms we have I just have to say, “Thank you, Lord. It is a blessing.” Thank you, Lord, for the new month of June. Did you know that June is the National Candy Month, National Dairy Month and National Iced Tea Month. On June 1, 1796, Tennessee, also known as The Volunteer State, became the 16th state of the United States. June 5 is the World Environment Day, and Juneteenth, the holiday that recognizes when the United States ended its historic practice of slavery, legally in the real world, is celebrated on June 19. June 20 is Father’s Day, and the first day of summer is also June 20. One last thing I want to say about the June. The birthstones for June are the pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. The birth flower for June is the rose. So all of you that were born in June, you are a rose and have a blessed birthday.
On June 5 my heart was sad. This was the day I saw a dear friend for the last time. We would talk on the phone. He would share so many life events. I enjoyed the information he shared of when he drove the bus for the Freedom Riders. His mind was amazing and held so much history. He loved everyone and loved to read the Chester County Independent paper. When I talked with him, he would say, “Tell everyone to pray for me and that I said hello.” A big man with a big HEART! To the family of Mr. Jimmy Ruth, our condolences and prayers go out to you. Mr. Jimmy Ruth – April 11, 1938 to June 2, 2021; he will never be forgotten!
On our prayer request list this week: whomever is on your heart. Continue to pray for people who are in the hospitals and for the ones who are sick in their homes, for our children, teachers and families, for the men and women who are serving our country and also for the incarcerated. Remember to patronize with our local businesses here in town; let us try to support our own as much as we can.
If you live in the City of Henderson and have news about your families, birthdays, anniversaries, announcements or things happening in the City, I need to HEAR from you. Call me at 608-6132 and leave your message.