Chester County Highway Dept. explains Plainview Road bridge closure


According to the Chester County Highway Department, the bridge on Plainview Road is closed, because it failed inspection and is unable to be repaired.
The following is a statement from the highway department concerning the bridge.
“Due to the type of construction, materials are not readily available for repairs. The bridge will be rebuilt completely with a new concrete construction. It is currently a concrete slab superstructure with timber substructure. Several of the wooden piles are rotten and are very tall which makes them unavailable in today’s market, also several of the concrete slabs on top of the bridge are deteriorated and are no longer available to purchase due to their long length. Currently the bridge is in the engineering phase and will be up for bids in the future. We know it is an inconvenience being closed, rest assured it was closed for the safety of the public. For any information concerning the bridge closure please call the Highway Department at 731-989-7311.”