Henderson to hold public hearing on COVID Relief Plan


Henderson Mayor Bobby King announced during the July Henderson Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting that the city will be holding a public hearing on the funds from the American Rescue Plan (COVID-19 Relief) in which the city will be given 1.7 million.
He desires to have this hearing so that the public can understand the plan more and voice their thoughts on possible ways the city should spend the funds.
“I just want to make sure we give them the opportunity,” he said.
The local government is limited on how they can or cannot spend the money, and King wants the city residents to be aware of all the information.
“There’s a lot of questions people have, and I believe Jim (city recorder) will be able to answer a lot of those questions.”
King stated that the public will be given plenty of notice once a date is set.
The mayor and board of aldermen considered and approved the bids received on Material to be used by the Public Works Department until June 30, 2022.
They considered and approved the purchase of a pickup truck on state contract for the City Park.
They considered and approved the purchase of a mower and related equipment for the Fire Department.
They considered allowing the Fire Department to take bids on the replacement of the building backup generator.
They considered the purchase of a trailer mounted Vacuum Excavation System for the Utility Department on an approved Government Cooperative Purchasing Agreement which was approved.
They considered a resolution to approve the application for a Public Entity Partners (the city’s insurance carrier) Safety Partners Grant for protective equipment for the Police and Fire Departments.  The program has a 50% local match with a maximum grant amount of $2,000.
It was also announced during the city meeting, that Henderson is in search of a GIS Technician.