Eagle Vision Network evolves into a major part of CCJHS

Hudson Lewis and Brady Wells of Eagle Vision Network hosts a sports broadcast of CCJHS basketball.

By Kendall Patterson


From broadcasting morning announcements to broadcasting sports coverage, Eagle Vision Network over time has become a great asset to Chester County Junior High.
EVN started as Good Morning CCJHS in 2017 when junior high students wanted to record a talk show with different segments during lunch, said CCJHS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Todd Lewis who is over the program.
The lunch time talk show eventually evolved into a morning announcements news cast then into sports broadcasts Lewis said.
“With their creativity, they designed something that had appealed to the students,” he said. “As the show continued in 2018, the vision took on a new twist as the talk show turned into a morning announcement show that was broadcast live on the school’s YouTube channel for teachers to play on their smartboards in the classroom. From there, the students started broadcasting football and basketball live and thus Eagle Vision Network was born.”
Furthermore, the announcements and sports coverage provide more communication for CCJHS parents and other stakeholders as well.
“EVN has become an incredible source for communication that is student lead. These students create their own shows, provide informational videos for incoming students and are the face for CCJHS,” said CCJHS Principal Belinda Anderson.
Now, EVN plays many roles in the lives of those who are a part of it.
Brennan Morris, who was in EVN from 2019-2021, found EVN to provide her with a close group of people to call family along with helping learn in basketball.
“I loved the family that was created and the opportunities that were given to me by this amazing program, and also as an athlete being able to rewatch my games is great for learning and just being able to see how I played,” Morris said.
Lewis loves the fact that it helps students learn to grow out of their comfort zone.
“I love seeing students break out of their comfort zone and watch them grow from the time they start EVN to the time when they leave for the high school,” he said.
Brady Wells, who was in EVN from 2019 to 2021, mentioned how that’s how it impacted his life.
“I loved being a part of EVN because of the amazing people I met along the way. It was a good way to step out of my comfort zone and try something new, and I’m so glad I applied,” Wells said.
Students also gain a wealth of knowledge from EVN whether it be from learning all the technology or learning the different career routes they could take at a young age.
“EVN is a growing in the possibilities it provides for our students. Students are not only broadcasting, but have opportunities for behind the scenes work such as graphic design, running control board software, editing film and etc.,” Lewis said. “The students who have been apart of EVN have said that it has allowed them to break out of their comfort zone and explore possible career opportunities at an earlier age.”
Students have the opportunity to apply for anchor, reporter, weather, play-by-play broadcast, graphic design, and technical positions.
EVN is so successful as a program and so fun due to Lewis’s dedication to it.
“Coach Lewis was super kind and supportive which made being apart of the EVN team a lot of fun,” Wells said.
“CCJHS is blessed to have Todd Lewis leading this program.  He has done a great job procuring grants in order to support the program,” Principal Anderson said.
If your child may be interested in EVN, during each spring, applications are available and students send in an audition video for each position they want to apply for. After the deadline, the sponsors of the group review the applications/videos and make selections for the next school year.
“I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun extracurricular activity,” Wells said.

Pictured above are 2019-2021 EVN members (left) Brennan Morris and Brady Wells (right) with Todd Lewis who is the faculty member over EVN.