Disney travelers host Woody and Jessie

Vinny of Mississippi celebrated his birthday with Woody and Jessie.

Miller’s art recognized locally and beyond

By Kendall Patterson


Mary Kathryn (MK) Miller had no idea a project from junior year was going to get her art recognized by people from Henderson and beyond.
That year, her class’s homecoming theme was Toy Story so she drew and created life-sized versions of Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear to help out with the decorations. After homecoming that year, she brought them home.
Now, during the summer before her freshman year at Freed-Hardeman University, Miller and her family decided to decorate their window at Disney’s Pop Century Resort with Woody and Jessie though Buzz Lightyear could not make the trip.
Woody and Jessie was unable to fit in the car ride back to Henderson, but they have been passed around from host to host since.
“I was sad when I didn’t have enough room in my family’s car for Woody and Jessie to come home with us, but it seems like they’ve found a home at the resort! It’s so fun to hear that they’re still being passed around,” Miller said.
According to Mary Kathryn’s mom, Mary Beth Connor Miller, there is a list of people wanting to host Woody and Jessie all the way through December.
Mary Beth has just been thrilled to see her daughter’s work loved by so many people.
“I love all the compliments from others and it is crazy how excited some people have gotten when I tell them they are on the list,” she said. “People are having so much fun finding them and hosting. I just hope it is allowed to continue. I’m having just as much fun sharing in the excitement. It’s so fun to communicate with people all over and help add a little magic to their trip.”
MK did not expect this to happen.
“I wasn’t expecting any of this going into it,” she said. “It’s really cool seeing so many people liking my art especially since it was a project I worked on my junior year of high school with my best friend Haley Heenan.”
The young aspiring artist shared why she loves to do art.
“I love art because it is a way to show people what’s going on in your head,” she said. “I’ve always drawn things I’m interested in and for as long as I can remember that’s been Disney, so it was really great when our homecoming theme was Toy Story!”