Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson appoints Amber Greene solid waste director

Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson recently appointed Amber Greene as Chester County Solid Waste Department & West Tennnessee Regional Recycling Hub Director.

Mayor Hutcherson announced the appointment of Amber Greene as the Chester County Solid Waste Department & West TN Regional Recycling Hub Director at the end of July.
Danny Benard, Chester County Solid Waste Director, is retiring after diligently serving Chester County for almost two decades and leading the Department for 18 years. During his tenure, he received over 6.5 million dollars in grant funding for the Hub, managed five County Convenience centers, and helped with the education and outreach programs and litter abatement projects.
“Benard has been a go-to person with institutional knowledge of Solid Waste and Recycling. He is someone who loves this county and has done an exceptional job, and we will miss him,” said Mayor Hutcherson.
Greene is a proud graduate of Bethel University with a bachelor’s degree in Business and continued her education with the Solid Waste Association of North America. She began her career over 17 years ago in the County Trustee office and has 15 years of experience in the Solid Waste industry as a Recycling Coordinator. Greene is also a grant writer and has received over 5 million dollars in grant funding over the years.
“I am very humbled and excited about the opportunity to serve as Solid Waste Director. I’m here to continue to serve the citizens of Chester County to the best of my ability, and I assure you that our team of talented and dedicated employees are just as committed,” said Greene.