News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Melea Beshires

One of the first things I came to love about Silerton was being welcomed by such a friendly community. There are folks who have lived in Silerton their entire lives and many who have several generations in the town. It is a special treat when we are blessed with some new faces in our community. Tyler and Anna Marie Gaytan are some of our newest additions to Silerton.
Tyler and Anna hail from McNairy County; however, Tyler is originally from Texas. They have been married for four years and both work in healthcare. The couple met in high school where they both took band lessons. Some of the Gaytan’s primary hobbies include traveling and playing board, card and dice games. They have two sweet dogs named Hickory and Hank. Hickory is seven and Hank is six.
The Gaytans are certainly no strangers to travel and adventure. When asked some of the places the two have had the opportunity to visit Anna shared the following:
“We’ve been on lots of trips together from Vegas, Texas, Gatlinburg, the beach, and several cruises; horseback riding in Cancun, snorkeling in Grand Caymen, historic tour through Puerto Rico, scuba diving in St. Thomas, and many more memories.
We also have been to Europe together. We met in Germany when Tyler was deployed and when he was on leave. We stayed several places in Germany, then Prague, Czech Republic, and Krakow, Poland. We even got to visit Auschwitz. It was a very unique, humbling experience and definitely worth our time and attention. Overall, Prague was the place we stayed that we enjoyed the most because it had cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture and a museum we went to. The museum had really interesting artifacts from around the world and Prague and history of Prague during WWII. We traveled each country by train and one flight. Everything was decorated for Christmas in each country. It was all beautiful!”
If you have not had a chance to meet this couple be sure to make their acquaintance. They are a delight!
Mayor Beshires says, “A big thank you from the town of Silerton to representative Johnny Shaw for providing a new flag set for our city hall. Also, a thank you to road commissioner Casey Swift for helping us out with some overgrown right of way problems. Our town is looking much better with these improvements.”
Have a great week!