News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

We had a great week of learning at East Chester! 
In Kindergarten students are ready to learn! Last week, they began their study of sound introduction to phonemic awareness. They did their beginning assessments to see what they already knew with letter sounds. In math they began to build number sense. They learned about numbers, counting and putting a number with an amount. In science they learned about the five senses. In writing they practiced writing their names correctly. 
First grade kids are working hard! Last week, they read about why we have laws and rules. Also, the students will be reading and learning about fables such as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” In math the students worked on drawing pictures and writing equations to show problems. They also learned how to take apart and put together numbers. 
The learning has begun in second grade! They started their CKLA curriculum this week. They read fairy tales. In math they worked on number sense to help build the understanding of numbers. Second grade will be continuing with character education this week. 
In third grade they are in the full swing of learning! In reading the students read classic tales such as “The Wind in the Willows.” In math they learned about rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. The third graders also practiced for our Leader in Me Assembly coming up on Aug. 27. 
Our PTO meeting on Aug. 17 has been changed to a Facebook Live event. If you have joined the East Chester PTO Facebook page, you should be able to watch at 6:30 p.m. 
It is always a great day to be at East Chester Elementary!