Chester County Eagles lose by a feather against Fayette-Ware

Tony Washington scrambles to find Tyricus Anderson near the endzone in the third quarter. Washington was 8 for 12 in passing with 241 yards thrown. Photo by Kendall Patterson

By Kendall Patterson

The Chester County Eagles put on quite the show in their first game of the 2021 season.
Chester County and Fayette-Ware had a scoring shootout that, unfortunately, did not end in the favor of the Eagles.
With the Eagles down by eight, 47-39, Chester County receiver Chad Barham fought off the defensive backs to not only catch the pass thrown by Tony Washington, but fight for the few yards needed to get into the endzone.
That left it down to the two-point conversion to tie it, but the Eagles were not able to cross the goal line.
Thus, the final score was Eagles 45 Wildcats 47.
“It was an exciting ball game going back-and-forth like that,” said CCHS Football Head Coach Steve Robinson. “We took the lead and were not able to hold on. They have some explosive players and we knew that going into it.”
Robinson was glad that the team at least put themselves in the position to tie the game.
“That last second play… The possession was so critical, and just being able to give ourselves a chance, that’s all you can ask for.”
The Eagles’ offense looked really well for the start of the season, regardless of the loss.
With a total of 246 passing yards and 262 rushing yards, there was little to complain about on the offensive side of the ball.
Washington was 75 percent for passing with a total of 241 yards thrown.
Even Hunt Pipkin was 1-1 with the one passing play being a 5-yard touchdown to Barham in the corner of the endzone.
In regards to receptions, Tyricus Anderson led the team in receiving yards with five catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns.
Barham followed him in yardage with three receptions for 100 yards and three touchdowns.
However, one component of the Eagles offense that Head Coach Steve Robinson mentioned could still use some help is the running game.
Though they had 262 yards rushing, 126 of the yards were by Washington at quarterback.
“We have to be able to run the ball a lot better than we did tonight,” Robinson said.
“We got to be more consistent on defense getting stops,” Robisnon said. “We looked good at times, and at times we had a little breakdown and didn’t fit where we were supposed to be. That’s just something we got to work on.”