Sunrise By David Coy: Sun Also Rises

David Coy

By: David Coy

The portion of high school seniors raised by both parents started to precipitously decline in 1996, falling from 61% to under 50% in 2012, ISF’s estimates showed. However, the past years witnessed this statistic’s movement in the opposite direction. By 2019, 53% of high school seniors had been raised by both parents, up more than 3% since 2012 (daily A University of Chicago study revealed as a country we hit an all time low with only 26% of couples reporting living together as husband and wife by 1998. We have come a long way with the stats revealed from the Daily Caller. By the year 2020 levels of two parent married households rose to seventy percent.
What should we take away from all of this encouraging news and how does it apply to grief support and education? Initially when we begin our journey with grief we are in shock with brain fog because of a multitude of symptoms affecting us physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. The good news is we eventually heal from our pain of mind that radiates throughout our system as we live in the present and for a brighter future. Life gradually sees happier days when the positive memories dominate our thoughts. This is good news. Other good news is Henderson’s grief support group is at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 26, for one hour at 619 East Main Street in the rear lounge. Please come and join us as we support one another and invite someone yourself. The Sun will rise again.
This is Sunrise Aftercare.