News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

We have had a wonderful three weeks of school filled with lots of learning! We are the full swing of things here at East Chester. 
In Kindergarten the students have learned so many new things! The students began their study of the letters. They focused on the letters and sounds of Mm, Aa, Dd and Tt. They also learned how to make words with these letters. In math they began their study of numbers. They focused on the numbers 0 and 1. They learned how to recognize and count each number as well as add with them. They also continued to work on correct handwriting of their names. This means to only start the name with a capital letter and write lowercase letters for the rest. 
In first grade the students worked on so many interesting topics. They listened to fables during their read aloud time with CKLA. This helps the students to build their knowledge on various topics. The students listened to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Maid and the Milk Pail,” “The Goose and the Golden Eggs” and “The Dog and the Manger.” They learned to draw pictures and write equations to solve problems in math. Being able to visualize a math problem is so important! 
In second grade the students learned so much already! Our second graders worked hard in their Writer’s Boot Camp! They were soldiers learning how to be good writers. They worked on end punctuation and capitalization. In reading skills the students reviewed basic sounds learned in first grade and worked on comprehending what they are reading. With knowledge building they listened and learned about fairy tales from all over the world. Second grade math worked getting basic math facts in their head without using their fingers!
In third grade the students are coming right along! In reading the students learned about classic tales such as “The Wind in the Willows.” The students loved this story! In math the students learned to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. This will be used to estimate their answers to check for reasonableness when they begin to add and subtract three-digit numbers. Our third graders practiced for the Leader In Me Assembly. This assembly will take place on Aug. 27. These kids have been working so hard on the assembly! 
We had our first PTO meeting on Aug. 17 via Facebook Live. The PTO officers kicked off our PTO membership drive. Each membership is $2. If you see an East Chester student, be sure to join our PTO! 
Remember, no school on Sept. 6 for Labor Day!
It is always a great day to be at East Chester Elementary School!