Chester County Eagles defeated by Mckenzie Rebels

Pictured is Stephen Green as he prepares to block for his teammate on a kick return in the game against Mckenzie. He had six solo tackles, three assists and two tackles for a loss. Photo by Kendall Patterson

By Kendall Patterson

The Chester County Eagles football team played hard, but they could not keep up with the Mckenzie Rebels when they played them last Friday.
With the final score being 36-0 the Rebels had control of both sides of the ball.
The Eagles would have scored on a pass from Tony Washington to Chad Barham.
However, there were penalites on both sides of the ball, and with the penalities offsetting, the down was replayed and did not turn out to be successful.
Eagles Head Coach said that though the team they played against was very physical on both sides of the ball, he mentioned how his team just needs to fix the little things in the upcoming games.
“Those things we have to eliminate,” he said. “It’s the little things. A lot of the times, in a football game, it’s gonna determine the outcome. You got to be able to execute and do the little things and capitalize on the chances you get… We had opportunities we didn’t capitalize on.”

Pictured is CCHS Cheerleader Emmy Melton as she cheers during halftime in the Eagles versus Rebels game. Photo By Kendall Patterson