Letter To The Editor: Remember When


Dear Editor,
Can you remember:
When ministers preached the fire and brimstone gospel? Bring it back.
When everyone knew the difference between right and wrong?
When things were not perfect, but you never expected them to be?
When you bragged about your hometown and state?
When you never dreamed that your country could get in this shape?
When people knew what the Fourth of July stood for?
When the flag was a special symbol?
When you boy and girls tried to join the military?
When taxes were only a necessary nuisance?
When socialism was a bad word?
When riots were unthinkable?
When you left your home unlocked?
When criminals actually went to jail and stayed there?
When young were not afraid to go anywhere?
When boy and girls dressed like what they are?
When drugs were not a worry?
When people expected less, valued what they had and were proud of it?
When politicians proclaimed their patriotism and meant it?
When schools taught reading, math, history, etc., and not sex education and Marxism?
When our government stood up for “we, the American people”?
When our policemen did not have to worry or wonder if they would ever be defunded? This is terrible. They put their lives on the line to protect us. God bless them all.
When you considered yourself fortunate to have a job and were proud of it?
When we said that this is the best country?
When America was a land filled with brave, proud, confident, hard-working people? Before the government hurt our workforce.
Prayers for America. God is good all the time.
Imogene Naylor