News from East Chester Elementary School


By: Kim Murphy

We had a wonderful week filled with learning here at East Chester Elementary School. 
In kindergarten the students worked hard! They focused on the letters and sounds Oo, Cc, Gg, Ii. They also learned how to make words with these letters. In math they focused on the number two and learned how to recognize and count the number two as well as how to add with zero, one and two. They continued their study of the five senses. The students continued working on correct handwriting for their names. Homework folders have started.
First graders learned so much! They worked on reviewing their sounds and placement testing for CKLA. The students read fables, such as “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” and “The Fox and the Grapes.” In math the students worked on drawing a picture to match an equation. They began Rainbow Math strips to learn their addition facts. 
In second grade the students are really taking off! They read the fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Wife.” They talked about characteristics of fairy tales and what made this story a fairy tale. They added some great words to their vocabulary. Second graders are going to learn how to make a story map from this fairy tale and how to use that to help us write about the fairy tale. Students read “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” They practiced filling in a story map and writing about that fairy tale. In math the students learned about even and odd numbers.
Our third graders did a fantastic job teaching about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids! The students led the entire assembly from the opening welcome to the closing. The students read classic tales in their reading class. They are reading and discussing Aladdin. The students learned strategies to add three-digit numbers and what addition means. They began Rainbow Math multiplication strips. Please remember to send a water bottle and a snack with your child each day.
Just a few reminders from East Chester staff. Remember that schools will be closed on Sept. 6 for Labor Day. Our PTO Membership is in full swing! We will be accepting memberships until Sept. 17. If you know an East Chester student, reach out and become a member for $2. Picture Day will be Tuesday, Sept. 21. 
It’s always a great day at East Chester Elementary!