Matheney is West TN Grand Division Teacher of the Year

Pictured is the West Tennessee Grand Division Teacher of the Year, Brianne Matheney, as she teaches her second period class.

During the Tennessee Department of Education’s annual Excellence in Education celebration on Tuesday August 31, the TDOE recognized finalists who were named 2021-22 Teacher of the Year for the three grand divisions of the state.
Brianne Matheney, a high school English teacher at Chester County High School in Chester County Schools, was recognized as the grand division winner for West Tennessee. Matheney now has the opportunity to serve on the TN Teacher Advisory Committee throughout the remainder of this school year.
“I am incredibly humbled and honored to receive recognition at the state level and represent West TN teachers,” Matheney said.
Brianne Matheney started her teaching career at Chester County High School in the 2004-05 school year as an English/Language Arts teacher. She said she felt like it was her calling.
“My love for reading and learning, along with my desire to help others, initially prompted me to become a teacher, but I later felt as though I was called to be a teacher, and that is what ultimately confirmed my decision,” Matheney said.
Chester County Director of Schools, Troy Kilzer II, said that her commitment to teaching is a blessing to Chester County students.
“As a seasoned veteran educator in the classroom, Mrs. Matheney has been consistently preparing her students each year to be successful in the classroom. Her commitment to the education of our CC students has been a true blessing to Chester County and this recognition at the state level echoes our sentiments,” Kilzer said.
This past year, in the midst of the pandemic, she kept her determination to teach her students.
“Last school year was definitely challenging, but I was determined to continue teaching the way I always had,” she said. “I tried my best to keep everything as normal as possible for my students, and I reminded them often of how much I appreciated their hard work and effort as I knew it was challenging for them as well. I really owe my success from last school year to my students for working hard each day and continuing to persevere when it would have been easy to just give up. They motivated me each day to keep trying my best, and I hope that I did the same for them.”
Matheney is thankful to be able to be a part of the Chester County School system.
“I am blessed to work in a school system and a community that supports and encourages its teachers, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with the best educators, administrators, and district leaders around.
Without their expertise and knowledge, I would not be where I am today,” Matheney said.
Morgan Rankin, a second-grade teacher at South Side School in Johnson City Schools, was named the 2021-22 Tennessee Teacher of the Year.

Matheney, at center left, holds her West Tennessee Grand Division Teacher of the Year plaque and takes a photo with her students. She said she credits so much of her success to her students.