News from the Hickory Corner Community of Chester County


with Dot Patterson

Greetings from Hickory Corner!
Happy fall, ya’ll. Looks like it is time for pumpkins, apple picking and mums.
Guess I will switch from making banana muffins to making pumpkin muffins or maybe apple pumpkin muffins! What is your favorite fall food item?
Birthday greetings go out to Bonice Martin who celebrated her 91st birthday on Sunday, Sept. 19. She had a good birthday as she received 100 birthday messages on Facebook, which just made her day. Let us see what was happening when Bonice was born in 1930 based on Herbert Hoover was President; gas was 10 cents per gallon, postage stamp was two cents, bread was nine cents, eggs were 45 cents and the most popular boy name was Robert and for a girl Mary. In 1930 life expectancy was 58 for men and 62 for women (sure glad that increased over the years)!
I had company this past week. My son Terry and his wife Jo were here with their son and family. It was nice visiting with my grandson Drew, his wife Melissa and their two precious daughters, Savannah (2) and Emma (3). This was my first time meeting Savannah, and I had only seen Emma once when she was just a baby. What sweet girls they are, and my Hobo Jo loved being brushed by Emma. Drew and Melissa are both nurses in Peoria, Ill., and I am very proud of them. We all ate out at Catfish Cabin, and Terry and Jo had me out to their place to eat several times. They both worked several days trimming up quite a few of my trees in the front yard, and it looks so nice. It will be lonely here this week.
Remember in prayer Arlan Porter, Ann Bennett, Richy Butler, Ladelle Clark, Mildred Smith, Martha Autry, Ann Morrison, Bonice Martin, Peggy Whitman, Peggy Lard, William and Eddie Luttrell and Donna Lynch. Please continue to pray for all those who are dealing with sickness. Also, pray for those who have recently lost loved ones. If you would like to add or remove a name from our prayer list, please call me.
If you would like to rent the HCC Center for your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
Folks, this is your column. Please call me at 989-3315 with tidbits, birthdays anniversaries, vacations or anything you would like to share with us. I really need to hear from our community.
“Bring love wherever you go. Shine light wherever it’s dark. Leave blessings wherever you’ve been. Be kind wherever you are.” – Mary Davis
Make it a great week.