Sunrise By David Coy: Change

David Coy

By David Coy

We are creatures of habit. We become accustomed to living a certain way. As a society we have studied the behavior of children and youth in detail. When it comes to dealing with loss and grief, we tend to think a one size fits all approach is the way to go and that we should let people, regardless of their age, learn by experience first and foremost. Throughout our life we learn and unlearn certain habits, shift and learn or relearn modes of living. One area a large segment of our populace struggles with is grief and loss. Change in this area does not come easily. Men tend to bury their feelings and do not enjoy or see the need to discuss and share what is going on inside with someone else. Yet, scripture says we are to share with one another what is on our hearts and the burdens we are carrying (Romans 12:10; Galatians 6:2).
Loss forces us to change when we do not want to and often are unprepared. We may find ourselves resisting against the change needed or are fearful of it because knowing exactly how to move forward is unknown to us. We frequently do not desire to let go of the past because it is familiar and therein lies our comfort zone. Change requires us to expand our comfort zone, and this can be uncomfortable and fearful. A good many people claim they are ‘private,’ even people who claim to be believers in Jehovah God. The last thing believers are to be is ‘private.’ To be otherwise is to be transparent and open to sharing with others, and this takes courage and a willingness to be different. We all need to change sometimes and share with others.
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